Thursday, September 20, 2018

Catching up: February

So much has happened since I posted last in February! I will try to catch up somewhat in order. I just started looking at the February photos and thinking how little we expected so many changes when we had our February snow storm.  We got a dusting of snow, a slight thaw, and then a pretty hard freeze, so everything was frozen solid and slippery.  We went on a long hike in St. Edward State Park, of course.
 The snow didn't last long, and the cold weather couldn't keep us indoors.  It's actually easier to play outside in a freeze because we don't get soaked.
 Sammy decided that it was time for him to start school, so I pulled out a spare preschool workbook and started working on letters.
 I love that Sammy still wants to perch on the counter while I'm cooking.  It is a very good place to be if you want snacks and tastes while Mom is cooking.
This is the throne of the king of the kitchen.  He lets me know which ingredients are approved, and occasionally he allows a sibling to take a turn stirring.  These adorable counter perching days are numbered, so I'm enjoying the company.