Sunday, February 18, 2018

The trip home

On Sunday we went to church in Anni's new ward.  I persuaded B that he was old enough to stay in primary without me because he is MONTHS older than he was when we went to Hawaii and he needed me to stay with him all the way through sharing time.  He ended up going to sunbeams with James, where they were having a party.  James was persuaded to stay because B was with him, and B was persuaded to stay because there was a party.  B has never in his life noticed whether or not a person is younger than him, unless they are a baby, and then he wants to take care of them and make them laugh.  He told me recently that it is time for me to have a baby so that it could sit by him in the car and he could play with it.  
After church we had a break from cousins for a couple of hours.  We went back to our AirBnB and worked on our Valentine's Day package for Grandma Jill.  Everyone wrote her a Valentine.  
 Then we went over to Anni's where we helped wipe out cupboards, unpack boxes, and clean carpets.  Ryan and the kids broke in the fire pit in the backyard, and Ryan made dinner in the dutch oven.  Seth had left for Georgia early Sunday morning, and Mama Jill wasn't feeling well.  She ended up at urgent care to see if she had the flu, but tested negative, so she went home to rest. 
 Monday morning everyone went back to work.  I got up at 5 a.m. to finish my Spanish exam that was due at 8. It was hard to get my homework done that week.  When I finished my test I went for a run, and then Todd went to pick up Faith from my mom's apartment.  We took her for a walk around our AirBnB neighborhood.  The kids were excited to show her the horses.
 When it was time to take Faith to the airport, Todd dropped us off at Anni and Ryan's old apartment to clean.  Faith got a bunch of tackle hugs, and then she was on her way. 
 Jordanne came down from Logan to see us.  Since we were cleaning, she jumped in and vacuumed everything.  That's what oldest friends do, right? It was a bit of a mad scramble to get it cleaned out, since Anni and Ryan both had to work all day, and they had to be checked out by noon on Tuesday. 
Not long after Todd got back from the airport, the kids were tired of scrubbing, so Jordanne and I took them to the playground while Todd kept cleaning.  B had an attack of the stomach and ended up spending a lot of the playground time resting on the living room floor so that he could be close to the bathroom. 
 Fortunately B was feeling better by the time the cousins got out of school.  We met them at the museum at Hill Air Force Base.  Jordanne came, too.  Jordanne just finished her master's degree in arts management, and she is looking around for jobs.  I hope she comes back to Seattle! 
 Sister selfie!
 B and Sammy, who are obsessed with wheels, could not believe the size of this plane wheel.  Great photobomb, Eloise.
 When the museum was closing, we headed over to Anni's new place to make dinner.  When we arrived, the water had been shut off, even though someone had just come to turn it on on Friday.  Todd took this opportunity to run out and get Chinese food.  By the time he came back the water was back on, but dinner would have been really late, so we were glad to have it.  Sammy found Maren's earmuffs that she loves and wears constantly, even though they are having a super warm winter in Utah. 
 Just as we were leaving to drop of Grandma's package and go back to our AirBnB for the night, James tripped and split his forehead open on the coffee table, so we took Maren with us to fall asleep while Ryan finished the cleaning of the old apartment and Anni took James to be evaluated for stitches.  We stopped at Grandma's to give her her Valentines and say goodbye. 
 I love you, Mom!
 The drive home was a little rougher than the drive out.  Driving home always is.  Sammy discovered his power to call for potty breaks, but only abused it once or twice.  We told the kids that they couldn't watch a movie until we got to Washington, since they get mean and grumpy if we overdo movies.  The drive through Oregon was long, but we made it home intact and found all well. 
I'm glad we could be there to help Anni and Ryan with their move, and to say goodbye to Grandpa. 

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