Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another adventure packed week

On January 30 we invited some friends to go with us to the zoo.  They said they thought it was a little bit too cold outside, and they just wanted to go to Pump it Up, a bouncy castle place in Kirkland.  I've been there a couple of times for birthday parties, and I remembered it being loud and crowded with too many bouncy things crammed into a small space, and no room for keeping track of small kids when the disappear into the bouncy houses.  Apparently they have updated.  This turned out to be really fun (but it is still overpriced).  
 I left my stomach at the top of a few slides while I had slide races with the kids.  Sammy didn't really want to go down any slides.  I finally persuaded him to the top of a small slide, and, when the backup behind him was getting long, I nudged him over the edge of the slide.  His leg got caught in a tear in the fabric on the way down, flipping him around and bruising his leg.  I was worried for a minute that he might have broken it, but he was mostly just mad at me for pushing him down.  He hobbled for an hour, but then he was back to his full speed again. 
  Since January 31 was the last day of our Pacific Science Center membership, we went for one last adventure.  We went to see a 3D movie about hurricanes that was so real and 3D that I kept seeing the kids throw their arms over their heads when a wave came crashing toward us.  Sammy kept his 3D glasses on the whole time, which is a first for him, but he didn't like the noise.  He covered his ears during the sound test at the beginning of the movie, climbed into my lap, and he never uncovered his ears.  This was the best 3D movie I have ever seen.  It was really intense.   
 Afterward the kids wanted to experience hurricane winds in the simulator.  Of course the debris factor is eliminated here. 
  I think we were all adventured out, because the kids were fighting and we went home without seeing very much science center this time. 

On Thursday, February 1, my Grandpa Richards died.  He was 91. While I can't say we were very close in his later years, Grandpa was one of the important supporting cast of my formative years.  He helped our family through financial difficulties, and was the first person we would turn to when we needed a priesthood blessing.  Whenever he would visit us, or we would visit him, he would have a handful of "twofers" to give to everyone.  Twofers were usually hard candies, and there were two fer you, and two fer you. . .  Grandpa was an English teacher, and he loved to use the full extent of his vocabulary.  When the roar of all five of us kids got to be too thunderous, we would hear his voice over the roar saying, "MODULATE!"  It's tough to think of a world without Grandpa.   

On Saturday it was our family's turn to clean the church building.  The Spanish ward in our building held a big cultural event there the week before (it was really cool!).  Somehow some adhesive on the tile outside the cultural hall had stayed on the floor.  It probably wouldn't have taken me 45 minutes to clean this small tiled portion of the hall if I hadn't had quite so many enthusiastic helpers anxious for a turn with the razor blade.

 When we went home we built a pretty epic blanket fort.  Here Eloise demonstrates our favorite use for the baby wrap carrier that I carried tiny B and Sammy around in. 
 I think B is trying to make this position look more comfortable than it actually is. 
 The kids blocked up the entrance with a slide and armed themselves with snowballs to fend off adult intruders. 
 On February 5 we did some Valentine's day art before packing for a trip to Utah on short notice for Grandpa's funeral. 

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