Sunday, January 28, 2018

Zoo day

We wanted to go to the zoo last week, and Monday was the only day without torrential rain in the forecast, so we went right after school (10:05 a.m.) so that we could be back in time for piano lessons.  It was warmer than last time we were at the zoo, and the animals were very active.  There is a male lion pacing around in the background of this photo.  He was making all kinds of noise.  
 Sammy's infatuation with statuary continues.
 All of the kids could fit their hands into this orangutan hand print.  They are huge!
 I guess the statuary is easier to photograph than actual moving animals.  We don't often make it down the Northern Trail path at the zoo, but the otters are so fun to watch that they make it worth the trek. 
 My moving subjects aren't always very cooperative. 
 I'm surprised that Jared was willing to get this close to this mean old peacock.  This was a good zoo day.  The kids walked and walked and walked without any complaints.  It helped that it wasn't raining, for a change. 
 The kids got back their reflections entries and ribbons.  It was so fun to get an award for their creativity.  They are already looking forward to next year's contest. 

Jared only had two days of school this week.  Because of parent-teacher conferences, the school had a half day schedule, so Jared's classes with the special teachers were cancelled.  We took advantage of our break to cash in Jared and Eloise's Christmas presents: a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. 

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