Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hawaii Part 3

Jared and Sammy felt fine, so when I finally got up on Saturday, Grandma Jill and I took the two of them to the Polynesian Cultural Center to check out the villages.  
When B and Eloise woke up from a long nap, I went back to the house and picked the rest of the family up.  Jared and Grandma secretly had ice cream while I was gone.  Shhhhhhh! 
B carried this bucket as a security item for the rest of the day, but he didn't need it again. 
PCC was great.  It was Grandma Jill's favorite part of the trip.  Here is our family laughing our heads off at the Samoan village presentation. 
Eloise, still tired from her sick night, was on my back. 
We visited a lot of the villages, and then we took the tram tour of Laie conducted by two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and ending at the Laie Hawaii temple.  Todd and I hoped to be able to go inside the temple on this visit, since last time we were here, in 2009, the temple was closed for some major renovations, so we couldn't go in then.  This time we were just way too tired.  I'm glad we got to see it, though. 
On Sunday we went to church in Hau'ula.  Sammy went to nursery no problem, but B panicked about being left in primary, even though he was in Eloise's class.  Eventually he started to feel comfortable.   I ran into a lady who had sat behind us on the plane to Oahu at church! This really is a small island.  The local people were all very nice everywhere we went.
After church we drove to the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout, which is the site of the final battle that united the Hawaiian Islands, or, as Sammy says, "Hee-waii."  The kids had watched a series of videos on YouTube about King Kamehameha, the victorious party, so they were interested to see where the great battle occurred. 
It was an extremely windy day.  The kids held onto us tightly because they were afraid of being blown over the cliff! 

What does this sign say? Beware of Bs during high winds?  This is B attempting to look ferocious. 
Since it was our last day in Hawaii, we stopped to swim for the last time at Kualoa Regional Park, which is not far south of Hauula.  Conditions were not exactly ideal for swimming.  It might have been 70 degrees out, which may or may not be warm enough for swimming, but there was a wind chill from the water. 
Except for Grandma Jill, who had done her ankle wading for the trip, and B, who preferred to make sand castles, we all decided to go for it anyway. 
Todd brought out the boogie boards, and the kids all took turns riding.  Todd pushed Sammy into a wave that was a bit too big for him, and he ended up flipped over, landing in the surf with a mouth and nose full of sand a salt water. He was upset for about thirty seconds, and then, when I ran up, he said, "Did you see my trick?!"  Even though it was short and cold, this was probably my favorite time at the beach on our trip. 
With all of the sickness we had in Hawaii, every adventure we got to have was a bit of a miracle.  During the trip, with all of the exhaustion and expediencies, I felt like I was passing through fire, but reflecting on it, many of the experiences we had were happy ones.  This isn't a trip that we are likely to forget anytime soon.  I'm glad we got to be a part of Grandma Jill's 49th state.  Maybe we should start planning a trip to Alaska to complete her collection of memories. 
We said goodbye to Grandma in the morning at the airport as she was flying home to Utah, and it was back to Seattle with us. 
The trip home was long, with a layover in San Francisco.  Once again we were seated all over the plane, but the other passengers weren't just accommodating when we asked to switch around to get everyone together, they jumped up to offer to switch around.  The one stranger who still ended up smashed into our family row turned out to be a young lady from South Africa who works as an au pair, and is accustomed to young children and their antics.  Sammy was restless on our first flight, and ended up falling asleep just as the plane touched down.  I spread him out on the seat and waited to be the last person off of the plane so he could get half an hour of respite before the next leg of our journey. 
We got home around bedtime on December 4, ready to sleep off the vacation exhaustion and jump into Christmas preparations. 

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