Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hawaii Part 2: The sick kids

Poor Sammy.  He threw his guts up on Thursday morning.  
We sat around watching cartoons and hoping that the vomiting would stop so that we could go out and play soon.  When it became clear that Sammy was going to be sick for a while, we called the Polynesian Cultural Center and changed our reservations for the luau to the next day.  They were very nice about it. 
When the throwing up slowed down, I went out for a run.  Rebecca, who spent a semester at BYU-Hawaii living in Hau'ula, recommended the Hau'ula loop trail for a run.  She didn't warn me that it was 800 feet straight up into the jungle.  The trail was mucky and slick, running with water in some places.  My running shoes brought home a thick layer of Oahu dirt as a souvenir.  The day was damp, drizzly, and warm, but the view at the top was amazing! My solo mountain run sticks out as one of my favorite things from this trip to Hawaii. 
When Sammy was feeling a little better (or claimed to be), we went for a little walk around our neighborhood looking for wild chickens.  Midway through the walk, Sammy started feeling a little sick again, so I carried him for a while. 
When we got back, he threw up again.  Grandma Jill's knee was out of joint and hurting her, so we went to the drug store for a knee brace and a cane, and there we happened upon the cheapest shave ice store I have ever seen in Hawaii.  These enormous cups were only $2.50 apiece.  Even Sammy (who sat by himself at another table, so he didn't make it into the picture) made a dent in his shave ice, and asked for shave ice every day for the next two weeks.  It was good shave ice, too. 
In early afternoon Sammy's vomiting turned into diarrhea, and he was able to fall asleep for a while.  While he slept, Todd took the rest of the crew to the Dole Plantation to see pineapple grow. 
They got there too late in the day to do some of the attractions, but the drive through the island was lovely, and B and Eloise appear to have transformed into plumerias. 
Jared makes an adorable pineapple. 
Sammy woke up feeling almost completely better, so we hoped that the sickness was behind us. 
The next morning I did a shorter run around the neighborhood, ending on the beach at the end of our block. 
We got a slow start on the day, arriving at Hanauma Bay around lunch time, and just in time for the monthly test of the tsunami warning system.  No one was very hungry, so the kids chased birds around the grass.  You would never guess that Sammy had spent the previous day sick. 
Grandma Jill soaked up the few rays of sun that made it through the thick clouds while the rest of us played in the water and attempted snorkeling. 
Snorkeling is complicated.  Jared and Eloise had the swimming skills, but Eloise couldn't get the hang of breathing through her snorkel tube.  Eventually I think she resorted to ditching the tube and just using the mask for short dips to look at the fish in the reef. 
Sammy and B had a great time digging and getting covered in sand.  They also like jumping the small waves as they broke on the beach.  I saw a lot of fish swimming right up to the shore as I helped Sammy keep his footing while he jumped waves. 
On the way home, B started to complain that his stomach hurt.  Miraculously he made it home before we started round two of vomiting.  Poor guy.  His stomach wouldn't give him a break.  I think he must have thrown up around 30 times.  We pulled an all-nighter. 
Everyone else went ahead and went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the luau.  The kids got to try fire dancing, without the fire. 
 We were staying only five minutes from the Polynesian Cultural Center, so Todd brought Sammy home to go to bed, and then went back for the evening show. 
 Later that night I was trying to get some of my online Spanish school work done between vomiting episodes (I took a Spanish class through BYU Idaho fall semester).  I started an exam, and suddenly B started to throw up again.  I was holding one of these handy sand buckets we found in the house under his chin when Eloise came out with her hands over her mouth, trailing vomit.  I shoved B's water cup under her chin, like the ninja mom that I am.  I did not do my best work on that Spanish test, and poor Todd, who had the flu, did not get much sleep that night.  My plan was for him to take the second shift, when my reflexes got too slow for keeping the couch clean, but I had to get him up to man the buckets while I cleaned up Eloise's bed.   He went back to bed, and I stayed up with the sick kids.  Eloise only threw up three or four times, but B kept waking up, saying that he was SO thirsty, drinking a little, and then throwing up.  This lasted until after I traded off with Todd and went to bed. To keep B from gulping water, Todd allowed the kids to have one spoonful of water or gatorade every five minutes, by a timer. 
By morning the throwing up had stopped.  These two kids were zombies from being awake all night, and I was on edge waiting to find out who was going to throw up next.  Fortunately this was the end of the throw up part of our Hawaiian adventure. 

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