Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hawaii part 1

My mom loves to travel.  She has been to all of the 48 continental United States.  When she was sick last spring (and before I knew I was going to Hawaii for Mother's day), I promised that I would take her to Hawaii this year.  The Knight kids were all fascinated with Hawaii, so we decided to make a family trip out of it. Grandma Jill stayed with us after Thanksgiving, and, on November 28, we left for Hawaii.  
Of course our plane tickets were all over the plane, but we were fortunate to have been mixed up with another family that also wanted to sit together, so we ended up all in a row, except for Grandma, who had a nice, relaxing flight several rows away from the chaos.  Actually it was a very quiet flight, in travel with kids terms.  These kids hardly got up for the entire flight.  Even Sammy stayed in his seat pretty well.  It's like they're getting older, or something.
First picture of us in Hawaii, waiting for Todd to secure our rental car.
We got to Hawaii pretty late, so we grabbed dinner from a Hawaiian mixed plate place on our way to our AirBnB in Hau'ula.  The place (the whole downstairs of a big house) turned out to be really great.  It had three twin beds, a king sized bed, and a queen bed. One of the bedrooms had a little alcove with toys and a play kitchen in it. We moved a mattress off of one of the twin beds into the bedroom with the queen bed and one twin, and Jared, Eloise, and B slept in there.  Sammy slept on a cushion in our room, and Grandma had a room to herself.  It took the kids a little while to get used to sleeping in a warm room (no air conditioning), but the setup was perfect for us. This picture kind of shows how car rides went in Hawaii.  The kids basically drove us crazy the entire time they were in the car.
We were staying a block away from the beach.  As we walked down to check it out the first morning, a local told us to check out the seal on the beach.  We were delighted to find this guy sunning himself across the street from the fire station.  In spite of the obvious signs that he had recently moved in the sand all around him, and ignoring my warnings, Grandma Jill approached to make sure it wasn't dead.  She got within a foot of it, with Jared on her tail, and, as Sammy described it, "It blowed sand at Bramma!" It raised it's head and snorted at her, and she jumped about a foot and fled to a safe distance.  A fireman came out of the fire station to tell us to stay away from the seal.  The next day the seal was sunning himself there again, and the firemen had posted signs warning tourists to keep a safe distance.
Hau'ula beach park was not exactly the cleanest, and the waves were too big for the kids, but we had fun digging.
There was a place in the park where a stream ran out to sea, and there the waves broke further out.  This is the most wet we got Grandma Jill on the entire trip.  She likes to travel and have adventures, but she does not like to swim.
Grandma was really anxious to go see Pearl Harbor, so we packed up our lunch and took it across the island to the Valor in the Pacific National Historic Site.
Plumeria blossoms were falling all over the place from the trees, so Grandma got decked out like a Hawaiian.
Here we are next to a semicircle of stones with the names of every submarine soldier lost in WWII.
We took a boat out to the USS Arizona Memorial, built over the remains of the ship, sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  By this time, the kids were all feeling hot, thirsty, and jet lagged, so we didn't stay very long.  It is quite a unique experience to see the ship below our feet.  Pear Harbor is such a beautiful and serene place.  It is hard to imagine the carnage that occurred there almost 76 years to the day before our visit.
Because a Hawaiian day needs lots of beach and swimming time, we ventured over to Waikiki for soft sand and tiny waves.  Eloise was exhausted and hot and not holding it together very well, so she and I went for a walk up the beach to get some cold juice for everyone.  Hydration and one on one time with Mom cured Eloise, and she was ready to swim when we got back.  B likes swimming, but what he really loves is digging. 
We had brought some boogie boards from our rental, which the kids, including Sammy, loved. 

I knew it would be short stop at the beach, so I just waded.  I think Grandma did an obligatory touching of water at one of the world's most famous beaches.  After this we were all pretty worn out, so we headed home for the night. 
Our jet lagged day turned out to be our only healthy day on this trip.  Todd woke up the next morning with a sore throat, and feeling extra tired.  Sammy woke up throwing up. 

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