Sunday, January 21, 2018

Goodbye, Grandma and Grandpa!

It has been so warm for January! As you can see, there is some difference of opinion among us about how to dress appropriately for this 45-51 degree weather.  I must say I'm more in Eloise's camp than Benjamin's here.  
 Sammy and Grandpa spent a lot of time bonding over funny cat and goat videos.  If Sammy went looking for Grandpa, and Grandpa didn't materialize, Sammy would bring his toys and play in front of Grandpa's bedroom door so that he wouldn't miss an opportunity to strong arm Grandpa into more snuggles.  It must be so rough being the youngest grandchild. 
 The kids introduced Grandma to one or two of their favorite games. 
 Sammy manipulated Grandma into stories past bedtime. 
 Monday morning was sunny and warmish.  Grandma and Grandpa never abandoned their jackets like the rest of us did, but it was warm enough for them to tolerate a park visit.  Jared requested that we go to the elementary school playground so that he could play "states" with Eloise on the big map of the United States.  This is a game that I play with Eloise and B while Jared is in class.  It's pretty simple.  Someone calls out the name of a state, and everyone has to run there.  Learning + exercise = my formula for homeschooling active boys. 
 The last thing we got to do with Grandma and Grandpa before they went home on Tuesday morning was have family home evening.  B taught the lesson about Samuel the Lamanite, a prophet from the Book of Mormon who prophesied about the coming of Jesus Christ.  When he wasn't allowed into the city, he stood on the city wall.  When the angry mobs shot arrows at him, none of them hit him.  Eventually, when he had declared his message, he fled home to his own people.  B was Samuel, and the rest of us were the angry wicked crowds throwing felt snowballs instead of arrows.  After the lesson, we had a full blown snowball fight to get everyone nice and wound up before bed.  Then we reluctantly said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa. 
 On Wednesday, with everyone healthy, and the guest beds finally vacated for the first time in two months, it was time for demolition.  We pulled up the carpet in the library and discovered that a lot of the ancient carpet pad underneath had turned to sand.  Sammy thought that this was the greatest thing ever.  He was disappointed when we swept up the sand, but the rest of the pad has been disintegrating as we scrape it off of the floor, so there has been plenty more sand.  Eloise loves scraping this stuff up.  This project is about halfway through.  I'll post pictures of the floor when we are done uncovering it.  I'm looking forward to getting new carpet in the house. 
 Some friends invited us to a playdate in the church gym on Thursday, so we went there right after Jared's PE class. This was great.  We had plenty of room to run and play for a couple of hours. 
 After a picnic lunch at the church, we went to see a free dress rehearsal of Pinocchio at Studio East in Kirkland.  I didn't take our play picture until after the performance, and the kids were Tired.  My favorite part of the play was the moment when Pinocchio was interacting with the audience after he had been swindled by a pair of conniving cats.  I heard Jared, sitting a few rows in front of us with his friend Dorothy, say, "You were so foolish!"  Pinocchio answered, "You're right.  I was foolish."  The prop work (growing his nose with magnets) was clever, but it wasn't my favorite children's play that we have seen there. 
 Thursday afternoon was supposed to be book club for Jared and Eloise at the Redmond library, but the librarian got the flu and cancelled.  Since I found myself with some unscheduled time, and a house full of tired kids, I decided to unclog the gutters that have been overflowing all over our porch for a month.  Of course, almost as soon as I got up on the ladder it started to hail, but I stuck with it, and the porch is finally dry.  If you look closely at the picture you can see Sammy, still wearing his helmet from bike riding, watching in the kitchen window where he went to flee the hail. 
 On Friday we went to the temple.  I didn't want to stop and take pictures while we were outside, but Jared got the phone and took a couple of kid selfies.  This is the best we got. 
 On Saturday morning Jared took a test in Redmond for the Lake Washington School District highly capable program.  We checked him in for the test, and then drove to Sammamish to drop me off for my first ever half marathon!  It was the Frost Eagle Half Marathon put on by Northwest Trail Runs.  When I was reviewing the course map the night before the race I read the course description and saw that the race was on "technical single track," and I knew I was in for it.  Technical single track means 13.1 miles of jumping over roots and slipping in mud, since it has been raining all week. 
Sure enough, I ended the race with very wet feet.  The race was a two lap race, and on the second lap, one of the puddles I had been able to dart around the first time without getting wet didn't have a path around anymore because too many feet had been through it.  My goal was to finish before the course closed at 12:30, three and a half hours after the race start.  I managed it in 2 hours and 45 minutes, so I met my goal! There was always the possibility that I wouldn't finish, since I had never run this distance, and I had especially never run this distance on trails before, so I'm proud of myself.  Now I have to decide what to run next.

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