Sunday, January 7, 2018

Christmas Day 2017

Jared woke up early on Christmas morning and tore into his stocking before anyone else was up.  He came and got me with reports of all of his treasures.  Rule #1 of Christmas morning in our house is that you don't approach the presents until everyone else is awake.  Apparently Jared thought this rule only applied to wrapped gifts. Bah humbug.  He didn't make it all of the way through his stocking before I cut him off and made him wait until the rest of the kids were awake.  They were all awake and ready for presents in a very short time.  
I was too busy celebrating Christmas to take very many pictures.  We got a lot of great gifts.  B got a pair of light up shoes from Santa, and then he didn't take them off except to sleep for several days.  Eventually this started to hurt his feet, but the light up shoes still sit beside his bed at night.
Aunt Faith and Uncle Jorge sent watches for all of the kids, including this potty timer watch for Sammy.  He was so excited about it that he went all week with almost no accidents, even though the battery on the potty watch wore out on the second day.
The presents were opened quickly and then we got on to the real highlight of Christmas morning. . . 
Playing in the snow! Our sled didn't last very long before it snapped into two pieces, but there were still snow angels to make, snowball fights to be had, and lots of silliness and shenanigans.  Jared didn't make it into any of the pictures because he was busy sneaking around to ambush us from behind with snow.
Grandpa Michael got to live his childhood dream.
B and Sammy snacked on snow.  B reluctantly switched his light up shoes for snow boots.
When we got home, we spent the rest of the day playing with toys, feeding the missionaries Christmas dinner, and hosting them for calling their parents.  Thanks for all of the great gifts, family!  This was a lovely, quiet Christmas. 
Sammy's gift from Mom and Dad was a zoo membership.  On December 26 we went to the zoo to use it.
It was very cold.  One of the highlights from this trip was this tapir peeing directly on the glass at face level right after this picture was taken.  Classy.
It was a special treat to get to go to the zoo with Daddy and Grandpa Michael. 
The meerkats were lively.
The komodo dragon was uncharacteristically awake. 
The penguins were fascinated by Eloise's multicolored gloves. 
When we got cold, we went to the zoomazium to play until it was almost time to go home. 
Just before we left the zoo, we found this nest, so Eloise, B, and Sammy had to take a turn hatching the giant eggs. 

Sammy loves the zoo, and he is so happy that we are going to go there a lot this year.  When he says his personal prayers, he blesses the zebras, and the elephants at Grandma's zoo (our zoo doesn't have elephants), and the tigers, and the lions, and the giraffes, and the monkeys, and the penguins, and the flamingos, and the little baby birds. . .
Merry Christmas!

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