Thursday, December 28, 2017

Utah in July

We drove to Utah on July 24.  We stopped in Roy to drop the kids off with Aunt Anni and Uncle Ryan, and then I took Todd to the airport to fly home.  The 24th is a holiday in Utah, but we were too tired to stay up for fireworks by the time we checked into our AirBnB in Washington Terrace.  It was a basement apartment with a living room/dormitory, a kitchen, a separate bedroom, a washer and dryer, and a bathroom.  It was very comfortable.  Sammy couldn't fall asleep in the same room as the other kids, but once they were settle down separately, I could put him on the trundle bed and have my own room.  
 On July 25 (Tuesday), we went to Hill Air Force Base to check out the airplane museum.  It was a little bit less hands on than I had hoped it would be.  A feral child came up to Sammy near the entrance of the museum and bit him on the ear.  He broke the skin and everything.  Having occasionally been the mother of the child who did something similarly shocking and antisocial, I was very sympathetic to the other mother, but it didn't do Sammy any good.  For the rest of the trip, everywhere we went he would ask if kids were going to bite him there. 
 In the opinion of the Knight children, a trip isn't worth taking if there isn't a lot of swimming.  We swam in the Jensens' apartment pool every day.  It was very hot out, and the air conditioning at the air museum was not fantastic. 
 This day was rounded out with personally crafted pizzas in front of a movie, 
 and card games with Grandma Jill. 
 The next morning we got up, had breakfast, made the beds, did a little bit of school work, and headed outside.  We were trying to get to the store for some groceries, but there were ants in the driveway. 
 Because we were in Utah, we got to enjoy one of the traditions of my childhood: Macey's ice cream cones. 
 We stopped over at Astro Camp, where Anni was getting ready for camp (a big reason we came to Utah was for Jared and Eloise to go to Astro Camp).  After Astro Camp, we thought of heading straight over to the Jensens' to swim, but I really wanted to see the newly renovated Ogden LDS temple, so we went there instead.  It turned out to be lovely, if a bit hot out, and someone had to go to the bathroom the whole time.   
 I'm glad we were at the temple, because, had we gone the other way and headed straight to Anni's, we would have been crossing the freeway at approximately the moment when a plane from the Ogden airport crashed onto the freeway twenty yards from our overpass.  Because the freeway was closed, and all of the traffic was exiting at that overpass, we took a different route to the Jensens' when we went.  Later we were able to see the burn marks where the plane went down. 
July 26 we got our consolation for being too tired to go to the fireworks on the 24th.  Neighbors across the street from our AirBnB were having their own personal fireworks show on the street.  We stayed up a little bit late to watch. 
 July 27 was Astro Camp for Jared and Eloise.  Anni said she would let B come, even though he wasn't quite old enough, but B doesn't hear very well in large groups of kids, so I kept him out this year.  I took the little boys and their cousin, James, to the children's museum I spotted across the street from the Ogden temple. 
 We played and played.  We went outside for lunch, then we went back in to play some more. 

 We played until the little guys were getting way beyond tired.  Then we went to Astro Camp to pick up the big kids, drop James off with Ryan so he could go nap, and B and Sammy got to play with launching rockets. 

 Launching rockets is now Sammy's very favorite thing to do.  We have some stomp rockets at home, and he carries them around waiting for us to take them to the park to launch them.  The trees are way too close around our house.  After Astro Camp, we swam, of course, and, after dinner with the Jensens, home to bed. 
July 28 was Astro Camp day #2.  B didn't participate in camp, but he still go a t-shirt, which he LOVES. 
 Jared and Eloise loved Astro Camp.  They also loved all of the swimming we got to do, and the cousin time. 

 We had one last big family dinner with the Jensens and Grandma Jill. 
 Saturday morning July 29 we were up and away, home again to Daddy.  This was a first for me: driving the 12 hours from Ogden to Seattle all by myself.  I think we did fine.  It is more stressful being the driver and the entertainer of children, but they are veteran road trippers, and Jared was a good assistant.  I only had to bribe them back into the car after a stop for gas with lollipops once, and we got home intact, all in one day. 
It was a long, exhausting, but amazing and memorable trip.  July was a great month with my family. 

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