Thursday, December 28, 2017

Twin Falls

On August 15 we attempted to hike to Twin Falls.  Jared really, really, really wanted his birthday portrait to have a waterfall in the background.  This should be easy enough, since we live in such a lovely damp place, but, once again, the falls eluded us.  We got a lot closer than last year, but I'm starting to think that the falls move farther away when we approach.  
 This is as far as we had ever made it before. 
 We hiked beyond that point, but then we decided to take a side trip down to the water to climb around on the rocks.  Shadow loved this. 
 We did manage to get the waterfall into the background of a few shots.  One would think that we were quite close to the waterfall, at this point, but the trail still had switchbacks before we got there, and no one wanted to be a martyr for the waterfall, so we just stopped to enjoy the day, and then we powered back. 
 Except for the muddy scramble back to the trail from the water, the trip home seemed shorter than the trip out. 
 No one fell in all of the way by accident this year.  Some people got pretty wet on purpose, but it was a warm day. 
 We will have to try this hike without the kids sometime to find out how long it actually is.  It is so fun to hike along the water. 
Washington is the best. 

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