Friday, December 29, 2017


On October 5 we went to Saltwater State Park in Des Moines, Washington to do a tidepool scavenger hunt and play with Price and Danny Christensen.  It was a beautiful day, and the clams kept spitting water up like fountains when the sand vibrated around them.  I wish I had been able to get a picture of that! They caught us by surprise a few times.  
One of B's favorite things is visiting the police station.  He (and all of the kids) love to see the police cars, and the officers are always very nice about letting them look around.  We always have to be on our best behavior at the police station, because, if we don't, look out!
The weather started to get pretty cool, and rain came back.  Our woods are beautiful all year.
Eloise and B wrapped up their soccer season in full blown autumn.  We had a couple of very cold and rainy soccer days.  At the beginning of the soccer season we have so much fun that I can't think why we don't have the kids play every season.  By the end, we are all so cold and damp from two hours of soccer every Saturday that I can't imagine signing them up for the next round.  They had fun every week, though. 
Our ward had an activity where we had a pinewood derby.  This is our clunker, pre-wheels.  Todd started to cut it, and Jared panicked and kept telling him not to take so much wood off, so it was pretty bulky.  
The races were really fun.  This made a great ward activity. 
The kids' highlight of October is always Halloween.  When we got the face paint and Sammy's costume we did a little pre-Halloween costume warmup.  Eloise was a zombie.
Sammy was a dinosaur.  We learned from this dress rehearsal not to put quite so much paint on his face, since it started ending up in his toddler mouth pretty quickly. 
Eloise painted this picture for the elementary school reflections contest.  This year's theme was "Within Reach."  Eloise colored her paper with oil pastels, then painted over it with acrylic paint, which she scratched off with a toothpick to show the final design.  Jared also entered.  He submitted a story, which was a worked over version of the notes he made when he decided that he is old enough to know where his parents keep their secret spy hideout, and started looking for clues and collecting evidence of our secret life.  That was probably my best day of parenting to date.  I let Jared see me "sneakily" texting Todd to tell him to DENY EVERYTHING.  I think Jared may still be looking for the secret entrance to our lair.  He saw the wisdom in passing off his evidence as fiction, though, so he was willing to write it up for the contest.  Both kids won their age divisions in their school and went on to the next level of the competition. 
We went back to the Pacific Science Center.  The butterfly house had been closed for a little while, but it reopened, and Jared and I started attempting to get perfect pictures of butterflies.  My phone camera does not make this easy. 

Todd and I are Halloween grinches.  The kids were ready to do Halloween activities way before we were.  We finally carved our big pumpkins on October 28. 
The kids designed faces, and I compiled portions of each of their designs into these faces. 
Halloween started with ghostie pancakes.  I was going for fun and cute, since spooky is not my jam, but when we flipped the pancakes, the blueberries split, so they looked like they were bleeding out of their eyeballs and mouths.  Oh, Halloween.
We had to get groceries, and Halloween is the last regular business day for the fruit market for the season, so we went there.  They were decked out for the holiday. 
Finally it was time to go trick or treating.  Eloise the zombie (isn't her hair great?), B the bee, Jared the vampire,
and Sammy the dinosaur piled into the car for some early trick or treating at the ward trunk or treat. 
B and Sammy designed a princess costume for me.  They even made me a crown. 
Sammy was done trick or treating way before the other kids were, so we went home to hand out candy, eat candy, and put on pajamas.  Todd and I celebrated Halloween only lasting one night this year.  Happy fall, everyone!

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