Sunday, December 31, 2017


November started with a trip to the zoo, where we hadn't been in a long time.  Sammy had been asking to go, and the zoo had a homeschool day when we could get in for less than half price, so I signed up, and the Christensens even came along.  
 The forecast was alarmingly quiet on the topic of SNOW!  Our zoo trip turned into a special adventure day, with big, wet flakes of snow clinging to everything.
 We eventually retreated indoors until the snow slowed, but we got plenty cold and plenty wet before we went in.
 It didn't snow all the time.  It just snowed for most of the time.  Rebecca and I have a lot of kids between us, and our numbers are going to increase in April when Rebecca has baby boy #5. 
Snow in November is very unexpected.  Look at all of the trees with brightly colored leaves covered in snow!
We had a history lesson about German fairy tales.  Of course we had to decorate gingerbread house cookies a la Hansel and Gretel, and we had plenty of Halloween candy lying around to do it with. 

For some reason this was a very popular history lesson.  Why doesn't history have more witches who live in gingerbread houses? 
Sammy's love affair with our elderly neighbor's geriatric dog continues.  We started walking her once a week or so. Perrita is seventeen years old, so she doesn't mind not getting walked every day, but she perks up a lot when she gets out on the leash.  Even at her liveliest, Sammy can keep up with her. 
Jared went to a two day engineering day camp in Bellevue.  We wanted to be close by, but out of the pouring rain, so we went to a mall.  After the kids got their school pages done, I sacrificed two quarters for a couple of rides on this tiny carousel. 
Todd installed a couple of ladders on our walls to help our boys with their unharnessed energy on days with terrible weather.  We haven't had any injuries on the ladders yet.  Fingers crossed. 
Todd had another business trip, this time to New York instead of California.  He was gone for most of the week before Thanksgiving.  When Todd travels for business, we go out to eat.  Chick-fil-A seems to have become our place ever since it was opened in Kirkland this year. 
I learned to braid hair at a combined Young Women/Activity Days activity.  I was so slow and terrible before that it seemed cruel to put Eloise through the torture for me to learn on her, but a couple of young women let me practice on them, and I got the skills to do tiny braids to keep Eloise's hair out of her eyes.  I'm kind of proud. 
We got school pictures taken on picture day at Jared's school.  For some reason, Eloise found this ordeal terrifying.  The photographer took about 15 shots, and we finally decided that this deer-in-the-headlights expression is kind of sweet. 
Jared seems to be thriving in school.  He looks forward to it every day, and gets excited about all of the new sports he is learning in P.E. 
B turned five in November!  I can't believe he is getting so old. 

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