Thursday, December 28, 2017

More August

The Pacific Science Center had a special temporary exhibit about China's Terra Cotta Warriors which was scheduled to move away in September, so I finally caved to months of begging from my spoiled science and history nuts, and we went to the special exhibit with the Carvers on August 7. 
 This was not a disappointment.  I had worried that they would overcharge for the exhibit, and then the exhibit would be nothing except terra cotta men behind glass.  This was not the case at all.  There were plenty of things to touch and experience.  Jared wanted to read all of the descriptions of everything and try all of the hands on stuff.  There are not enough hours in the day for him to learn all of the things he wants to know. 
 I'm really happy that we went to this.  It was a very memorable way to learn about this amazing archaeological discovery.  Now I want to go to China to see where they were unearthed. 
August 8 was eaten by yard work.  Every once in a while a day has to go into maintenance. 
August 9 we went back to St. Ed's for another nature program.  This was "move like the animals." 
 August 10 was another sprinkler park day.  We met B's friend Logan at the park. 
 And we brought him home with us. 
 We have been finding painted rocks all over the place, so the kids wanted to paint some of their own.  They were very creative.  We did this downstairs because it was too hot upstairs.  It was so fun to have Logan come over and play.
 August 12 was Kirkland's summerfest.  We left Daddy home to have a break, and we went to check out the festivities.  We got to climb around in a big rig,
 a police car,
 and a garbage truck. 
 I think this dog had something to do with the police.  Sammy wanted nothing to do with a giant dog.  The other kids insisted on a picture. 
 There was a parkour course set up.  B and Jared are all about the obstacle courses. 
 B won these sunglasses in a contest at one of the booths. 
 Eloise was dying to find the art table from the minute we parked the car, so we humored her with a long stop there. 
 Jared was not so into art as B and Eloise, but Elder Fukuoka, a missionary from our church, was at an adjacent table teaching kids to write their names in Japanese. 
 Jared made the angel Moroni out of clay and put it on top of a lego temple.   We took a picture and submitted it to the Friend magazine. 
 One of Sammy's favorite activities is building himself hidey holes.  He calls them his "home."  "I built a home!"  He loves disappearing into his Sammy-sized homes. 
 For family home evening on August 14 we did sack races.  We also had them several times a day for the rest of the month.  It got hard to find a clean pillowcase anywhere. 
 An occasional activity of summer was Sammy potty training.  This is ongoing in December, but I have hope that eventually diapers will be history. 
Supportive older siblings are incredibly helpful in potty training.  All activity in the house doesn't have to stop while Sammy goes potty.  He just has to recruit a sibling (usually Eloise) into reading him a story, and life goes on.  

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