Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jared's baptism

On September 1, the Campbell cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Knight arrived for Jared's baptism.  Here are some highlights from their visit.  We walked around our neighborhood picking blackberries, giant leaves, and visiting the neighborhood's livestock. 
 That is a lot of kids at one table. 
 We went to the beach at O.O. Denny Park. 
 Jared and Rachel may have had some fun together. 
 Jared's baptism was on September 2.  There was some obligatory torture -- I mean photo taking. 

 We bribed the kids, took approximately 800 photos, and we managed to catch a couple that weren't total disasters. 
 We are so proud and happy that Jared chose to be baptized.  This is a big event because now Jared is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

 Jared was baptized by Todd, and all of his siblings and cousins sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" in the program.  This was a great day. 
 It wouldn't be a family gathering without an enormous crowd watching animal videos on youtube over Grandpa Knight's shoulder. 
 And then we did some more blackberry picking. 
 The Campbells had to have their long pants and sweatshirts because our slightly cool summer mornings feel like winter to their Arizona blood. 
 We took everyone for a joyride on the Kingston Ferry. 
 We enjoyed hunting for treasures on the beach.  The water was way too cold to go more than ankle deep in the sound. 
 We went home for a weenie roast in the backyard, and then our short visit with the Campbells was over. 
Stay longer next time, guys!  It was so great to have cousin and grandparent time, even if it was brief.

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