Thursday, December 28, 2017

It's tough to be a kid: August 2017

After our mega trip of July, we took one day to relax and recuperate, and then we had to clean up after all of that travel.  
 Isn't summer just the best? 
 It's so much work being home.  On Tuesday, August 1, we had to go to the beach and play.  Ugh.  All of that gorgeous sunshine, water, and lots of ducklings did take the edge off of the hard work of playing at the beach. 

 The playground helped a bit, too, when we were all worn out and cold from swimming, we could warm up on the playground. 
 Eloise wrote a letter to her cousin Annie.  It was very sweet. 
B sat next to her and dictated a letter of mockery to Annie's little brother Ryan.  It is possibly the best thing ever.  He even illustrated it.  
 We went to St. Edward State Park on August 2 to do nature art.  They had free classes once a week on Wednesdays.  We missed a few of them (too busy with all of the swimming and travel of summer), but this did not disappoint.  Jared, who thinks that he hates anything that can be called "art," even had some fun. 

 We started attempting to get a good picture of Jared to give out with his baptism invitations.  This was less than successful due to sibling interference. 
 Just in case we ever don't want to go to the park, we wedged this slide onto our rock wall in the garden so that we can slide at home. 
 We also learned, a bit late in the summer, that Peter Kirk Park has a sprinkler day once a week.  Our first day going, August 3, Jared and Eloise were photographed (from far away) for the local paper. 
 I did not anticipate how tired the kids would be, so I planned to drive to Monroe to pick up a shot for Shadow from the feed store there right after sprinklers.  This could have been arranged better so that we were less wet and tired, but there were two tanks of adorable chicks for us to watch.  On the way home, the kids discussed what they would name their chickens if they each had one as a pet.  The names they came up with were Hey-Hey (the chicken from Moana), Chick-fil-A, Sammy's was "I am not a dog," and, my personal favorite, B's chicken would be called Pecker.  I'm sorry.  Everything B does just cracks me up. 
 August 4 was a day to be lazy and do school work in the yard
 with plenty of help/interference from Shadow. 
 Just kidding! We plowed through our school work so that we could go to the pool.  The pool closed for half an hour before we were done playing, so we went outside for snacks and the playground, and then back in to swim for another hour. 
 What's the fun of a day off anyway? 

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