Thursday, December 28, 2017

Farewell August

I took the kids to the temple one day.  We met the Carvers and the Christensens and we moms took turns watching kids and going inside the temple.  
 Does anyone else wake up in the morning to find that their kids have all dressed alike, and then the kids insist on going somewhere beautiful to be photographed together?  Maybe it is just me. 
 Someone left the cheese out while we were making pizza. 
 I got my hair cut. 
 We went to Luther Burbank Park in Mercer Island.  Due to us being prompt and our friends being late, we didn't get much time with them, but the park itself was great.  There was plenty of open space for Sammy to launch rockets. 
 The lake shore was sandy and shallow.  I think Jared could get almost all of the way to the second rope in the swimming area without the water getting over his head. 
 Jared had his first pack meeting as a cub scout.  He loves this uniform. 
 We started history lessons again for the new school year.  Our introductory lesson was about Henry Hudson.  We made hard tack.  It was disgusting and unchewable. 
 We also chipped toys out of ice.  This turned out to be way too slow, so we ended up melting our ice blocks with water, which was very messy. 
Messy is the best way to learn, right? 

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