Sunday, December 31, 2017

B turns 5!!!

For B's birthday this year, he wanted a space alien themed party.  He even asked to have twinkie rockets instead of birthday cake.  These were harder to make than I had anticipated.  Problem number one is that buying strawberries out of season runs around $5 a pound!  I nearly had a heart attack.  Problem number two was that I put off making these rockets until right before the party, and the darn strawberries were to heavy and wet and kept slipping off the tops.  We eventually secured enough of them with toothpicks for the party guests.  B was happy, and that is the important thing.  Todd arrived home from New York just in time to help me with this crazy five year old party.  He was probably wishing he had come a little bit more slowly.  
 We got some alien picture books from the library in anticipation of the alien party.  When Pricey and Little Logan came, we read stories, and then the boys climbed the walls for a little while. 
 Then we made alien landscapes (personal pizzas).  We played "pin the eyes on the alien," made by B, and "I had a little alien" (an adaptation of "I had a little doggie," which is a version of "duck, duck, goose"). 
 Later, Neil came, with his brother, Big Logan.  B blew out the three candles we had in the house (Mom fail), and everyone had pizza, cake, and ice cream.  Jared and Eloise had enjoyed making name cards for everything on the table in alien language by writing random strings of letters and symbols on 3x5 cards and setting them up by the food. 
 B is so full of light.  It makes me so happy to make him happy.  B's favorite things are race cars, playing the piano, exercising, drawing pictures of vehicles, toys, being read to, friends, and one on one time with Mom and Dad.  He is growing very quickly, and will probably be bigger than Eloise soon.  His feet are already two sizes bigger than hers.  B is sweet and kind.  He loves to share and help other people.  A few days after his birthday we were packing up some boy clothes to give to a refugee family in our area with eight sons.  When B found out that one of the boys was his age, he brought out one of the action figures he had been given for his birthday and asked if he could give it to the boy.  B loves jokes and silliness, but he radiates sweetness and light. 

The day after B's birthday party, November 18, Eloise took a Cognitive Abilities Test to see if she qualified for advanced classes in our local school district.  She was a little nervous, never having taken any kind of test before, but she ended up thinking that it was great fun. 
 That afternoon, the Presbyterian church in our neighborhood held their annual train day.  All different kinds of train sets were set up, and everyone got a free cookie on the way in.   Todd and Eloise stayed home.  I took the little train lovers and budding engineers. 
 They could have played for hours.  B is happy that this event fell next to his birthday again this year.  It's like they are throwing the party for him. 
Happy Birthday, B! 

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