Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Overnight in Idaho

After church on Sunday, July 23, we left Seeley Lake and headed to Salmon, Idaho to stop for the night at Aunt Barbara and Uncle Boyd's house.  We had to go see Grandpa Jolley and Grandma Pat first.  Sammy threw up in the car, and then woke up from a nap as we got to Great Grandpa's retirement home, so he was grouchy and needy for the whole visit, but it was nice to get to see Grandpa and Pat.  
Then we drove over to the ranch to see some cows.  The cows replied to all of Sammy's moos.  They even came over to see if we had food.
Then we had to check out the tractor.
The kids dropped so many unsubtle hints to Josh that they wanted a motorcycle ride that he relented and got out the motorcycle.  Sammy was fascinated, but too shy to ride.  B was all aglow.
Josh is so cool.
Todd got out the four wheeler so that Sammy could get a ride with him.  I suggested we go down the road to Aunt Reah and Uncle Jim's house to see the animals.
Sammy was in heaven.  He loved chasing chickens and turkeys.
Reah and Jim's house is a great place for kids to play.
Sammy caught up with a friendly cat.
Reah came out to chat.
Jim came out to summon his tame deer.  Bambi runs wild, but she spends a lot of time around the Tarkalson house, since Jim took her in as a rescue when she was orphaned as a fawn.  Jim finally managed to persuade Bambi to jump the fence.  
This is why visiting Idaho is better than going to a theme park.  Even when we are only there for one afternoon, and there are no children to play with, so many memories are made.
The next morning we were off to Utah for the next stage of our adventure.

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