Saturday, August 26, 2017

July Begins

We spent the first week and a half of July waiting around for Cheyenne and her family to come on the 10th, and basically doing nothing.  Haha! Yeah, right.  We were busy preparing by trying out this infant carseat that we borrowed for Baby David.  Sammy could not wait to meet Baby David.  

 We had some more park fun.
 I don't know what they were watching, but this is cute for two reasons.  First of all, all of my kids are doing something together and not fighting.  Second of all, they don't get screen time until their chores are done, so this means that at least six small jobs got done in my house on this day.
 The following picture requires no caption.  I was cutting onions, so Sammy clearly needed his sunglasses.
 B finally finished the pirate ship craft.  He named it "The Hippo."  It now lives on a high shelf, where Sammy can't accidentally tear its paper sails.
 Grandma and Grandpa Knight sent us a new swing.  We spent the fourth of July, after our ward pancake breakfast, enjoying it.
 We also had a cookout, because we love America.
 Happy Independence Day!
 All that remained was one epic, day long hike (as chronicled previously), and a trip to the Grasslawn Park splash pad.
 Sammy was giving me a heart attack running around and diving into the merry go round, be he did it many times.  He is way more coordinated than Jared or Eloise were at his age.
 The Christensens even came to the park to meet us.  We never get enough time with them.
And so begins July, and another glorious Washington summer.

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