Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cheyenne Came!

I'm a little intimidated to start posting about the rest of the summer, since I took approximately one million pictures, and it is impossible to choose which ones are my favorites.  We were very excited to have Cheyenne come with her kids, including Baby David, who we had not met yet, since he was just born in April.  Cheyenne also brought Madison, who is Andrew's 14 year old cousin.  Madison came to help with the kids.
After a full day of travel, and a late evening arrival, I thought Cheyenne might want to spend some time the next day recovering from all of that travel.  Rest is for the weak, apparently.  Cheyenne got up the next morning all fired up for adventure.  We started with the locks and the fish ladder.
We did not pack lunch because we were planning to go to our favorite fish wrap and sandwich place in the north side of the locks, but when we got there we discovered that it is permanently closed.  The business has turned into a food truck, which was not there.  Fortunately, one block away we found the best burritos we have ever bought from a liquor store.  Whew.  I don't know what we would have done if we had had to walk three more blocks with the kids getting hungrier every step.  
 David was very much loved.  He tolerated all of that love very well.
 Jared might appear to have the best grasp on how to hold a baby, but he probably had the least interest in doing so.

 B LOVED David.  He would sit nose to nose with him for hours, if he could.  David ate up all of the face time and attention.  It suited him just fine to be the center of attention.
 I think Eloise might almost be old enough to babysit. . . right?
Todd introduced Cheyenne and Madison to virtual reality.  We invented a new game.  First we put someone in a scary haunted house, and then we pelt them with toy snowballs at unexpected moments.  Hilarious shrieking results.  
 I got David to laugh his first real laugh.  I have skillz.
 We went to the Pacific Science Center.  Aaron loves science.  Eight kids in the science center was a bit more challenging than four (Would it kill them to all go to the bathroom at the same time?), but we had a good time.  The planetarium show was a special favorite.  Because we try to take in a planetarium show every time we come to the science center, Jared knew the answers to a lot of the questions the presenter asked.  He was impressed and asked Jared how old he is.  Later on, I answered a question, and when the presenter called attention to my correct answer, Jared said loudly, "She's a grown up, you know."  It was hilarious.  
 We had lunch outside, in the shadow of the space needle.  It was crowded in the Seattle Center, and we didn't even lose any children.
 I'm proud of us.
 I even got most of them looking for this picture.
 Aaron liked the tide pool area almost as much as Eloise likes it.
 Cheyenne took the older kids to a live science show while I kept the little kids in the toddler play area.  I love how Sammy and McKay and Toady play.  McKay ordered Sammy to get out of the play helicopter and get in the "frailer" while he and Toady drove the "fractor." Sammy threw down his toy and ran to get in the trailer.
 This was the day that I missed a turn and somehow ended up driving through downtown Seattle and coming home on I-90, which is waaaay out of the way of the Seattle Center.  I really don't know what happened.
The next morning, Cheyenne took her kids to Juanita Beach Park for the kids' concert. Her kids weren't interested in the music, but they did go swimming with their clothes on in spite of the sub-seventy degree weather.
 I took Shadow and my entourage to the vet to check out her limp.  He diagnosed her with a dislocated shoulder and assured me that it was back in place.  Maybe it would have been better if Shadow hadn't kept jumping over the fence into my garden to trample the carrots and eat the peas.  I'm going to have to take her back to the vet this week.
 It was free slurpee day.  This year Jared said this day is his third favorite holiday, after Christmas and his birthday, so 7-11 day has fallen in the rankings by one.  Sammy clutched his slurpee like a lifeline and, as you can see in his intense eyes, he would be willing to fight to the death for the ability to suck sugar and artificial flavorings into his body.
 That night, Madison got sick, so we canceled any tentative plans for the next day so that we would be close to home for her. This was fine with the Knight kids, who really only wanted to jump on the trampoline and take their cousins to the library for free lunch.
 Sammy started screaming while he was on the trampoline with the other kids.  I brought him in, but I noticed that he was limping, and trying not to walk for the rest of the day.  In the afternoon he snuck onto the trampoline again and almost immediately started screaming again.  When I got him off the trampoline he was dragging his leg.  Since babies his age don't fake injuries, I took him to the doctor, after dropping off B and McKay to ride the city bus home with Todd.  McKay is obsessed with transportation.  He loved it.
The doctor couldn't see anything immediately wrong with the leg, but she put Sammy in a boot and sent us for an x-ray.  Todd took him for the x-ray the next morning.  No fracture showed up, but that doesn't necessarily mean that nothing was wrong.  The doctor advised us to keep Sammy in the tiny little walking boot for three or four more days.  She also said that toddler fractures are more common than parents know, and research is beginning to show that, left untreated, toddler fractures almost always heal as good as new.
 I'm sorry.  I know it is sad, but isn't that little boot just about the cutest thing ever?  It took a lot of energy to keep Sammy from climbing onto the trampoline again, even in the boot.
 Cheyenne was not feeling well the next day, so we took another day of rest and relaxation, if that is what you can call it in a house with eight energetic kids with only two volumes, loud and louder.
Todd is so sweet with David.  Cheyenne really appreciated having all of the extra adult hands around to hold baby.  Newborns are needy.  That is why they are cute.  

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