Saturday, August 26, 2017

Andrew Came!

On July 14, everyone seemed reasonably healthy, so we drove to Edmonds, parked the cars, and walked to the Kingston Ferry.  
 All of the kids were dressed for swimming in the sound.  Cheyenne learned from her experience at Juanita Beach (and many other experiences) that adults feeling like this was not swimming weather was not going to persuade the kids.
 The ferry ride was a huge hit.
 Right next to the ferry terminal on the north side was a beach park.  We set up camp, wrapped Sammy's leg in shopping bags and duct tape, and turned the kids loose.  Madison had never been to the Pacific Ocean before, so this was special.
 The tide was on its way out.  The longer we played on the beach, the more treasures were to be found in the rocks that had been just offshore when we arrived.
 Between the sand, the treasure trove of shells and rocks, our picnic lunch, and the icy cold seawater, we had a full day.  We made quite the parade marching back to the ferry terminal.  Sammy turned heads in his tiny boot.

 After we rode back on the ferry, Cheyenne took her brood to the airport to pick up Andrew, and I took mine home.
Later that night, Grandpa Michael came to visit and get the most out of Cheyenne's family being on the west coast.
The next day we did all of the things that we had carefully selected to appeal to Andrew so that he would want to move to Seattle.  I'm kidding, but only a little bit.
First, we went to see the Fremont Troll.  What is not to love about a city that builds trolls under its bridges?
 Next we toured a historic firefighting boat at the Northwest Maritime Museum next to MOHAI.  McKay was very taken with the seaplanes landing and taking off from Lake Union.  South Lake Union has an air harbor for Kenmore Air.  This was heaven for McKay and his love of transportation.

 Then we walked around the corner of MOHAI to the Center for Wooden Boats, where the kids scrambled in and out of boats to their hearts' content.

 Some of them liked this more than others.  I think Grandpa Michael was probably geeking out the most, as he does.
 Toady was smitten with these Canada Geese.

 For lunch we went to the Seattle Food Truck Festival, which was near where we had parked.  This was sort of a stressful way to get food for eight children and five adults, especially since they were hungry.  Or, in Jared's case, not hungry at all, and just horribly thirsty.  Eventually we got them all fed, and we didn't lose anyone for very long.
 Look! Todd and I do things together! Aren't we cute?
 Our last order of business for the day was a trip to Saltwater State Park in Des Moines, near the airport, at low tide, so that we could go treasure hunting in the tide plain.
 Except for McKay throwing up, and multiple barnacle casualties, including Grandpa Michael's shoes, this part of the outing turned out to be a huge success.  Andrew discovered that turning over larger rocks exposed hundreds of tiny crabs, which could be scooped up by the fistful, if you were fast and bold enough.
 Aaron was fast and bold.  Eloise and I were a little more reluctant, especially after we picked up a couple of pinchy ones.  We even found a sand dollar, which was Cheyenne's goal for the day.  I don't think she took it home, though, since taking things off of the beach is prohibited, and our kids are old enough to read signs.  Just kidding.  We always followed rules.  We want this beach to stay pristine.
 Later, when we got the kids in bed, we played games with the grown ups, and Madison.
This day could have gone on forever for me.  We had so much fun.  We never see enough of our Georgia family.

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