Saturday, August 26, 2017

And the rest of June

When we weren't hiking, or in Arizona, we did the usual: 
Swimming lessons, 
 Piano Lessons,
 Jared and Eloise finished up the study they were participating in at the University of Washington.  One day I walked the little boys over to order Todd a mountain bike for father's day.  A stranger stopped us and handed Sammy a balloon animal.  I mean, he's cute, but that is totally weird.
 Eloise and B get wildly excited about art projects that involve making big messes, so we prepared for every baby shower we will ever be invited to by stenciling animals on the front of a lot of onesies.  We did a couple of these for Eloise's primary teacher when she was expecting her baby, and Eloise wanted to do more.
 I think they turned out great.  It occurred to me later that I should have just gotten shirts in my kids' sizes, so that they could wear their own artwork, since we never get invited to baby showers.  Boy, are we ever prepared, though, if we do.
 We had a cookout in the back yard for Family Home Evening.  Well, we called it a cookout.  What actually happened was that I wrapped some potatoes, put them in the oven, then went outside and started a fire.  When the potatoes were almost done, I transferred them to the hot coals of the fire, and there they finished cooking.  It was more of an eat-out, since we ate outside.
 Then we went inside for a lesson on charity, complete with heart shaped glasses to help us look through eyes of charity.
 We had a lot of park days, but this one was possibly my favorite.  B overheard a group of little girls planning a pretend game, so he inserted himself into their game by announcing, "And I'm a wolf!" Upon which the girls ran away screaming, and he chased them.  They all loved it.  Sammy found a couple of other little girls, probably around four or five years old, and I overheard him trying to persuade them to play monsters.  Older kids always assume that smaller kids can't speak intelligibly, so they were cooing over how cute he was and continuing their game around him.  I left him to go push Eloise on the swing.  A few minutes later I looked up to see the little girls, who had been joined by three other little girls, running after Sammy and growling as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him away.  Apparently they had all understood him and decided to join his game with gusto.  When he had found himself suddenly surrounded by five monsters twice his height, he had panicked and fled, with a pack of monsters on his heels.  The girls were very sweet and apologetic when they understood that he had actually been scared.
 I don't know what it is with these kids dressing alike, but they love it.
 Jared got a kit for building a pirate ship for his last birthday.  Since this is a project that might be art (the foulest word in Jared's vocabulary), he never touched it.  B found it and begged me to do it with him for weeks.  We finally did it.  The process was slower than B had expected, since we could glue the pieces together one day, but then we had to wait 24 hours for the glue to dry before we could paint it.
 Isn't Sammy just the cutest doing laundry in his little overalls?  These overalls are the worst.  They are so cute that they always get something spilled on them within an hour of Sammy putting them on, and he has to change his clothes.
 Something that didn't happen in June: Sammy did not manage to jump into the Mountlake Cut of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.  He really tried, though.  He kept throwing rocks in and then leaning over to see where they went.  I can tell you where they went: 12 feet straight down.
 We had some lovely warm weather, so we played with sprinklers in the back yard.
 Aaaah.  Summer.

 Don't be confused here.  You may be tempted to say that B and Sammy are sporting the same hairdo, but B is obviously a roadrunner, and Sammy is obviously a porcupine.  Unless it is the other way around.  I can't quite remember.
 We had to go to Seattle for Jared and Eloise to do the post-study follow up interview, so we decided to go to Jefferson Park for a picnic afterwards.  We turned out to be woefully under dressed for this day. We weren't even on the sea side of Seattle, and it must have been ten degrees cooler than it was at home.  
 And then there were more piano lessons.  Our piano teacher's mom, Sister Nielsen, is the best.  No matter what she is doing when we come over, she is always willing to put it aside to play a game with the kids, or walk them around her garden picking alpine strawberries and teaching them the names of the plants.  Sammy and B are devoted to her.  They are devastated if we run errands during piano lessons instead of playing with Sister Nielsen.
I was reflecting on this summer, since school starts in a week, and I thought that we hadn't spent enough time at parks, or playing outside.  All of these park photos in my archive make me feel much better.
 Last, but not least, Eloise lost her first tooth!  The experience must have been more traumatizing than her smile suggests, because she has had another tooth hanging on by a thread ever since, and she is NOT letting us touch it.
This lucky tooth had the singular experience of being taken by the tooth fairy from underneath a camping pillow in a tent while we were visiting Grandpa Michael in Eastern Washington.  That is for another post.

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