Thursday, July 27, 2017

Arizona Cousin Time

What was left for us to do in Arizona after we had seen the temple?  A lot of cousin time.  Sammy woke up June 7 in the morning with a puffy face.  I don't know if he was having an allergic reaction, or if he was just reacting to the unbelievable heat that he had never experienced before.  It was pretty alarming, but it had mostly cleared up by afternoon.  
 We had a lot of important water play to do.
 There was almost no opportunity to nap in Arizona.  Grandma and Grandpa's house was always filled with kids.  Sammy kept dropping off to sleep on people's laps.
 One hot, quiet morning, Grandma took us to the International Wildlife Museum.  This is an interesting museum of taxidermy animals from around the world.
 I expected it to be a little bit macabre, but it turned out to be very educational.  There were even scavenger hunts for the kids, which helped to focus our exploration of the museum, since there is way too much to see in one visit.
 In spite of the kids being very tired after the museum (and much whinier than usual in the car), we still managed to get in a swim with the Hoefferles in the afternoon.
 All of the extra pool time was showing us that we really needed our own sets of goggles, instead of relying on the loaners at swim lessons all of the time.  New goggles should be sported all of the time, right?
 We celebrated Miss Peyton's sixth birthday with a great big cousin party.  Don't think that she is wearing the crown just because it is her birthday.  These girls love everything princess and pretty.
 Our first attempt to swim in Palo Verde Pool (only a couple of blocks from Kent and Annette's house) was thwarted by a thunderstorm, so we had to go for a second attempt.  This one was much more successful.
 All of the fairly competent swimmers did a bunch of group jumps into the deep end of the pool.
 We had lots and lots of fun.  Sammy decided that he should be counted among the competent swimmers, and I ended up putting him back in his floaties when he went to the 15 inch deep toddler splash pool because he kept attempting to follow Ryan in headfirst.  Sammy has the skills to go in, but he doesn't have the skills to get himself out.
 Sammy hadn't even gotten fully clothed again after the pool when he fell asleep on Grandpa.  Grandpa looks like a baby hostage in this picture, doesn't he?  I promise I took the awkward baby off of him as soon as I had a picture.
 One swim a day isn't always enough.  After a brief rest, we went to see Uncle Fred at his apartment complex.  Although the tired kids insisted that they were too tired to swim, the sight of the pool changed their minds, and they were all in the water almost immediately.
 Uncle Fred, who is like the pied piper with kids, exhibited a previously unrevealed talent for making balloon animals.  In the heat the poor balloon animals were not long for this world, but they delighted and amused while they lasted.
 And, just like that, our Arizona time was gone.  We left the next morning for Phoenix and the airport.
 The flight felt long, but we got home in moderately good spirits.
 All of the traveling may have made some of us a little crazy. . .
 . . . or just plain silly. . .

 but we are going to miss all of the fun we had with these characters-- I mean cousins!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

B's Primary Talk on Reverence

Being reverent means being quiet during a prayer, and being quiet during sacrament meeting.  I am quiet during prayers because it shows Heavenly Father that I can be close to Him.  Being reverent is choosing the right.
My mom and my dad show me how we can be reverent.  We have prayers every time we eat, and personal prayers, and night prayers, and morning family prayer.  All the prayers help me have a time to practice being reverent.  

I be quiet to be reverent.  We fold our arms so they are not wiggling and playing.  Close our eyes so it can look like we’re in heaven.  Bow our head to show Heavenly Father He’s important to us.  

I know that we can be reverent during the prayer.  Being reverent is choosing the right.  I know Heavenly Father and Jesus love me.  

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.