Sunday, June 25, 2017

Winding up the school year

To wind up the month of May, and most of our school events for the school year, we started with science class and swimming lessons.  
 Sammy discovered that he can fit into the short lockers in the pool locker rooms.  This has only resulted in a few smashed fingers.
 We had a trip to the dentist.  No new cavities, and Eloise has her first loose tooth!  It has a grown up tooth already coming in behind it, so it had better come out soon.
Our Tuesday piano lessons have turned into guided tours of the Nielsons' yard.  There is an abundance of alpine strawberries that are ripe, and Sister Nielson will open the shed and get out her kids' old skateboards for the Knights to play on, if they ask.  
 We got together with another homeschool family who we don't know well to take apart some appliances.  Then we had a picnic lunch and some cookies in their back yard, where they keep goats and chickens, which were Sammy and B's favorite thing about this adventure.
 Sammy never seems to react appropriately to pain.  He came in from outside one day, announcing in a cheerful voice, "Mom! I got hurt!"  I saw that he was still walking, noticed that he had a dirty diaper, and didn't think anything of his proclaimed injury until after I had changed him.  He popped up from the changing mat and told me again, "I got hurt outside!"  and held up his hand.  His thumb was swollen almost to the size of the rest of his hand!  After asking a few of the right questions (not an easy thing to do with a two year old), I managed to understand that he had gotten hurt by a bumblebee, which he had tried to pick up.  The stinger was gone, but he wanted a band aid anyway.  "Bumblebee hurt my pinger!"
We went to a library program about life cycles of butterflies and ladybugs for Dorothy, who is fascinated by ladybugs.  It was fascinating, and age appropriate for my kids.  Most of the audience was in the two and under age group, so I think it went over their heads, but I learned some things.  Our library system is the best.  
 We had a warm, sunny day.  The thermometer crept up to brush against 80 degrees, so we went to the beach park.
 Temperatures stayed warmish, so Todd and most of the kids thought it would be a good time for jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath.  Sammy and I weren't crazy.  It was way too cold and shady for sprinklers.
 Sammy doesn't go down for naps at home anymore, but he frequently takes car naps.  Sometimes he stubbornly stays asleep, even when we are at piano lessons, where he could be playing.
 We wrapped up our history curriculum for the year with a famous person report.
 Jared did Genghis Khan.  He got really into it.  It was fantastic.
 Eloise was King Arthur.  Sammy was her page.
 Dorothy was Mohammed.
And just like that, we were done, sort of.  Some of our school activities go on all year.  We won't be done with swimming lessons for another week, and piano lessons go year round, but our two "school" classes, science and history, are done until fall classes start.  Eloise has finished kindergarten, and Jared is done with second grade.  B recently started reading short words, earning himself a library card, but we probably won't start kindergarten with him until January.

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