Sunday, June 25, 2017

Last day in Hawaii

 Our last day in Hawaii was a Sunday, and we had to be out of our condo pretty early, so we packed up and headed to a park we found called Kepaniwai Park to kill some time before 1:00 church in Wailuku.  This park turned out to be a very good find.  
 Sections of the park were dedicated to people of different nationalities who settled in Maui, or had a big influence on Maui's history.  These included a Portuguese garden, Chinese, Philippine, North American (New England), and native Hawaiian areas.  Sorry about my face in this picture.  I took too many selfies, which caused me to temporarily forget how to smile naturally.
 Most of the people in the park appeared to be local residents there for picnics.  Vegetation covered peaks surrounded the narrow valley, and it was all very picturesque.
 We probably went to church smelling like charcoal from all of the barbecues we passed, but it was a nice place to spend a morning.
 Since it was our last day on Maui, we had to capture some of the ubiquitous features of the island: wild chickens everywhere,
 and stray cats in the most unlikely places.
 We may never have been anywhere so green and lush and tropical.
 We found a quiet place for some scripture study and journaling before church.  Then we had a picnic lunch before getting thoroughly lost on our way to church.  By some miracle we managed to find the church just in time for the first meeting.  It was a really great day for church.
 After church, we had three hours left before we needed to be at the airport for my flight (Annette and Colette didn't leave until 10 p.m.).  We went to Baldwin Beach Park in Paia, just a few minutes from the airport to change our clothes and enjoy our last bit of time relaxing on the beach in Maui.
 The fact that this is apparently the center of the homeless population of Maui, and that one beach away turned out to be a de facto nude beach, did very little to detract from the splendor of this gorgeous spot.
This was the best birthday/ mothers day gift I have ever had.  Even though flying overnight left me as a zombie for my entire first day back in Seattle, I was really refreshed and renewed by a few days in paradise.

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