Thursday, June 22, 2017

A very Maui birthday

My flight got to Kahului just over an hour before Annette and Colette arrived on May 17, so I picked up our rental car and went to the cellphone lot to wait for them.  I sat there for about thirty seconds before I realized that I couldn't be more than three blocks from a beach, so I got to be the first one with my toes in the sand.  
After a long day flying, everyone was happy to stop on the beach before driving across the island to our condo in Kihei.  

 It was so sunny, warm, and beautiful, and our condo was just a few steps away from a long, quiet beach.
The next morning (my 30th birthday) we all woke up very early, which gave me and Annette time to go for a run on the beach before going kayaking.
 Annette and Colette shared a kayak, leaving me all alone to do twice the amount of work, or half the amount of work, depending on who you are sharing your kayak with.  
 It was a gorgeous morning, the ocean was calm, and there were turtles to be seen everywhere.  Our guide found a spot where there is usually a lot of wildlife, and we stopped to snorkel.  Snorkeling was so cool!  There were so many turtles that we had to work to stay out of their way.  Apparently it is against the law to touch a sea turtle in Hawaii.
 We look so cool.  This was awesome.  It was exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday.
 Jet lag struck after kayaking, so we went back to our condo to nap.  For some reason, the Hawaii humidity was killing the Arizonans and making them feel extra hot, so we went in search of some shave ice in Lahaina on our way around the island to search for the Nakalele blow hole.  Here we are enjoying our shave ice, a Hawaiian miracle.  I, personally, was just enjoying a chance to thaw out after the long, long winter in Seattle, but apparently it was too hot for some people.
 This was our view while we ate our shave ice.
 We found the blow hole, which is a lava tube that gets filled up with water by the pounding surf, and frequently explodes like a geyser when the pressure has built up.  It was pretty cool.  You can see it down in the bottom right of this picture.  We had to scramble over a lot of rocks to get a good view.
 We decided to continue around the end of the island to Kahului for dinner, instead of turning around and going back to Lahaina.  This was our introduction to island roads.  All of the way from the Nakalele blow hole to Kahului was a one lane road along cliffsides.  It was quite the nerve wracking experience driving it.  The views were spectacular, when I got the occasional chance to take my eyes off of the road for a split second.  
We had island fare for dinner at Da Kitchen in Kahului.  Apparently they are famous for their creative offerings.  Potato and macaroni salad was offered with everything.  It was interesting.  All in all it was a very satisfying birthday.

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