Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spring Break

The first week of April was spring break for our friends who go to public school.  For us, this just meant doing the things we regularly do, but more field trips with friends in a shorter amount of time.  On Monday, B participated in a study at the University of Washington for four year olds.  Yes, this is Eloise biting her nails as she watches him.  She was so frustrated watching two four year old try to coordinate their movements (the study had something to do with social interactions between kids). She kept saying, "No! Do it together!"  Jared and Eloise were very jealous that B got to do a study, but they felt better when I signed them up to do a ten week study/music class.  Now B is the jealous one, asking every week why Jared and Eloise get "to study" and he doesn't.  
 According to tradition, as soon as Sammy turned two he had to get a serious injury.  His came from his bad habit of running while looking over his shoulder to see if anyone is coming with him/chasing him/following his lead.  He was running across the room in his footie jammies, realized at the last second that he was about to run full tilt into the hearth, and attempted to change directions.  The result of this direction change was his slippery feet sliding out from under him, and his full momentum colliding his face with the edge of the hearth.  The bruise was bad enough that the next morning he bounded out of bed and came running down the hall, but stopped after a few steps, grabbed his cheek, and said, "Owwwww!"  Over a month later the bruise is still visible.
 We started to get some semi-nice weather for part of a day here and there.  I'm always a fan of having less lunch clean up.  Picnic season is coming soon!
 One of the favorite events of our week is our Tuesday afternoon piano lesson time.  Our piano teacher, Sam's, mom has been B's primary teacher this year, so B looks forward to following her around while the other kids have piano lessons.  Even if we just drop Jared and Eloise off to go run errands, we usually manage to find a few minutes to play in the Nielsons' magical yard.

 We had talked with the Christensens about going to Fort Casey, but we ended up voting against risking our toddlers lives with lots of unfenced precipes.  We ended up going to Fort Nisqually, an old trading post replica, instead.  Rebecca brought along a couple of extra girls from her neighborhood.  It was raining cats and dogs, but we still managed to find a covered space for a picnic.
 It was fun to learn some things about the conditions early pioneers faced in the Seattle area.  I think the pouring rain that soaked us gave us a pretty clear picture of what life would have been like for people without heaters, dryers, electric stoves, or even fans.  Brrrrrr!
 All of the kids loved playing with some toys from the pioneer period.
 I love these pictures because it is so typical, the way Sammy is looking at Jared. . .
 . . . and how Sammy tries to do everything Jared does.

 Sammy ended up getting so wet running through puddles at Fort Nisqually that merely saying that he swamped his boots doesn't quite describe the torrent of water that gushed out of his boots when I took them off of him as he got into the car.

The next day was free museum day in Seattle, so we met the Christensens at the Museum of History and Industry.  They were late, so we went ahead and did the craft of the day while we waited.  B made a pop up book about a car.  Eloise made one about a giraffe.
 Our friends arrived in time for lunch, and then we set to inventing.  All of the kids wanted to build something to take a picture of for the revolving digital display next to the building station.

 We went to the top floor to look through the periscope at the surrounding buildings and draw a picture of something we saw.  Then we went to the third floor to play with the building toys and watch a short video of transportation in Seattle over the years.  Sammy loved the video.
It was fun to go on a free day so we didn't feel bad that the kids were getting tired before we saw all of the history displays.  Spring break is exhausting!

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