Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy birthday, Eloise!

Seattle is famous for its raininess, but this year has been an extra special rain year.  In reality, Seattle doesn't get more rain than any other cities in the United States, but it averages 30 more days of cloud cover than the next cloudiest city.  Between October 2016 and April 2017 we had something like nine days with less than 30% cloud cover.  We spent the last six months in semi-darkness and perpetual drizzle.  We broke records for the amount of actual rainfall in that time, too.  Fortunately, these kids know how to enjoy a damp day.  I think we are actually going to have to retrain them for warm weather.  
Sammy finally got brave enough to touch a horse.  Of the two horses in our neighborhood, Sammy only likes the smaller one, Rainbow.  Here he is with his friend.   
 We went to a dress rehearsal of a children's production of "The Little Mermaid."  In the end, the audience got to vote on whether to make the mermaid keep her promise and stay human all alone and without her voice, or give her another chance to be with her family.  We have been talking about how important it is to keep promises, so B was really unsure about how to vote.  It had a happy ending, though, so he was happy.  Here they are swimming with the set behind them.  It was a cool set that opened from one scene to another like a book.  
 Sammy is such a goof.  He thinks he is capable of doing all of the things that everyone else can do, and he keeps up very well.  If he can't keep up, he changes the game for everyone.  He almost always cries when it is time to leave the park.
 I'm just throwing this in there because, seriously, could this possibly be cuter?
 Our friend Landon sent us a Flat Stanley from Arizona, and we had to send it back by the end of April, so we crammed in some visits to cool places before we returned it.  The Fremont Troll no longer scares any of my kids.
 Gas Works Park in Seattle, with its gorgeous views and perpetual wind, was super soggy from all of the rain.  It was hard to move without gushing water into our shoes.
 We got an Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  Thanks for all of the new stuffed friends, Grandma and Grandpa!
 Our mother's helper/babysitter, Bailey, took a trip to Paris with her family.  She brought back souvenirs for all of the kids, but Eloise got some special ones, since it was her birthday, and she loves Paris.  She got a Paris bag, with a coin purse with some real French Euros inside.
 For her sixth birthday, Eloise asked to go out to eat for dinner.  We ended up having her birthday party in the afternoon, so we went out for lunch instead.  Chick-fil-A holds a strange appeal for my kids, even though they have never been to one with a play place.  Sammy fell asleep on the way to lunch, so Todd stayed in the car with him, and the rest of us went inside to eat.
 Eloise was absolutely delighted that her birthday fell on Easter this year.  She insisted on having an Easter themed birthday party.  We dyed eggs, did a foam egg decorating craft, and had an egg hunt.
 Everyone got to keep their basket and eggs as a party favor.
 The back yard decorated itself.  Our cherry trees were in full bloom.
 The Christensens and Carvers came over to celebrate with us.  Just our three families now total 16 kids.  I remember when having 12 or 15 people at a party seemed like a great feat.  Now it is inevitable.  It's a good thing we love chaos.
 Eloise had strawberry cupcakes because, she said, "Cupcakes taste better than cake."
Happy birthday, six year old!  

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