Friday, April 7, 2017

Utah Winter, and Seth leaves us.

Sammy made himself right at home at Anni's house.  The day we drove to Utah turned out to be the only day all week that didn't have a blizzard.  
 The snow suited these children just fine.

 Slides are extra slippery-fun in the snow.

 When we weren't rolling in the snow, we were playing with cousins inside.
 But soon we would be back in the snow again.  It was perfect snowman building snow.

 Sammy taught James about how much fun it is to sit on the counter.
 We got to visit Astro Camp, where Anni works.  This gizmo has every kind of simple machine on it.
 We prepared for our space walk.
 After Astro Camp, we went to Salt Lake City to Clark Planetarium, and to the church history museum, where we met up with Grandma Jill.
 We walked across the street to temple square.  When Jared found out that none of the adults were planning to go inside the temple, he wondered what we were even doing there.  On cold, quiet weekday afternoon, we were there so that the sister missionaries would have someone to talk to, I think.
 At the end of our long day we drove to Murray to have a quick visit with my grandparents.
 The kids were good for having a very long day.  Seth was starting to reach his limit on spending time in close quarters with kids.

 They discovered icicles on the playground.  Sammy is getting more confidence walking in snow, but some places were really deep.  It has been a very snowy winter in Utah.
 Snow angel Eloise.
 Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and move on to the next phase of our trip.  We drove up to Salmon, Idaho to pick up our meat.
 We can always count on Aunt Barbara and Uncle Boyd to have the best toys at their house.  They had a big tub full of felt "snowballs" which we proceeded to pelt each other with for an hour.  We got our best night's sleep of the trip in the Stokes' spacious, mostly empty house.
 The next morning, I was anxious to get on the road, but some people were going to be very disappointed if we didn't see any cows on the ranch, so we had to walk up to the feed lots.  Sammy (who was on my back in the carrier when I took this picture) did not like the cows up close as much as he liked them from his car seat.  "Cows hurt me!"
 And then we were on our way home.  I believe that is a herd of about fifty elk in the field behind Seth.
 The weather was good on the way home, except for some snow in Snoqualmie Pass.  We had one more day of Seth being with us, and then he was off.  This is our best attempt to get a picture of Seth as he headed out the door for Colombia.
None of us wanted to see Seth go.  He was the best long term houseguest we ever had.  Sammy still asks for Tio all the time.

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