Friday, April 7, 2017


 Sammy's nursery teachers wanted a new picture of him for the new year.  Suddenly he looks so old.
 Two boys and monkey wanted in on the photo shoot.
 Jared had a filling.  It was on a baby tooth, but Jared has been on a slow course for losing teeth, so these molars need to last him a while.
 We tried to go adventuring with Seth, but we got to the Seattle Center a little bit late, so Pacific Science Center was closing.  Mostly we just froze.

 We had dinner at Google, and Seth introduced my kids to pool.
 Here are the Knights in their natural habitat.
 Pacific Science Center attempt #2:
 Sammy was convinced that the animatronic allosaurus behind us was going to come and eat him if he took his eyes off of it for a second.  When we left the dinosaur area, he relaxed a little.
 We saw a really awesome planetarium show in the tiny planetarium.  Sammy started to freak out again when he saw the live butterflies.  "Butterflies hurt me!" That was a sign it was time to get the boy home for a nap. . .
 . . . after Eloise got to touch some of her beloved marine animals.
 Seth and I took a Saturday drive to Canada to do a session in the Vancouver, B.C. temple, which is located in Langley, B.C.  I had never been to Canada before.  Seth jokingly asked the temple worker at the front desk if we would need translation, since we don't speak Canadian.  The worker replied that this session would be in Mandarin Chinese.  We thought he was joking, but he wasn't.  We did, indeed, need translation.  It was a very special session because the Chinese has just been re-translated, and this was the first use of the new translation in this temple.
 Of course we had to spend lots of time with the Christensens.  The kids have been trying to combine our family names.  Kightensens or Christenights?

 We went to a science day put on by a science teacher/homeschool mom at Bellevue College.  It was chaos, but lots of fun.

 One of my big events for January was reorganizing the closet.  This might seem ridiculous, but Eloise's meltdowns about leaving the house were virtually eliminated by this organization project.
 All too soon, most of January had passed, and I was off with Seth and the kids to drive to Utah.
 Seth hadn't seen our grandparents since he got home from his mission last spring, and he had tickets to move to Colombia for an unspecified amount of time, so we took a whirlwind winter road trip before he left.
Although I'm sure a 12 hour drive in one day with the kids was enough to make Seth never want children of his own, I thought it went pretty smoothly.  We were blessed with fairly good weather, except for fog that followed us for most of the trip, and snow flurries that made visibility poor during the darkest final portion of the drive, we got there without incident.

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