Saturday, March 11, 2017

Christmas 2016

And then it was Christmas morning!  I think the look on B's face captures the excitement perfectly.  All of the kids got roller skates/ roller blades this year.  
 Eloise had worked very hard to make a book for her brothers.  She spent about six weeks of evenings after all of the kids had gone to bed painstakingly writing every word and drawing pictures of a cat named Julie who likes to swim, and her friends Ollie the Otter, and Barky the Dog.  We bound it with cardboard and cloth, and then she wrapped it.  I think she was gratified when Jared and B dropped everything, stopped opening presents, and read her book right away.

 Christmas was on Sunday, so we went to church for an hour after we opened our gifts.
 After church we went to Colette's house for Christmas dinner and opening cousin gifts.  The Knight kids got matching t-shirts from Mom and Dad.
 We tried out some of the new toys and games.
 When we went home, Jared took his skates out on the patio.
 The weather was so nice that we got lots of skating practice in.  Eloise still shuffles, but Jared is starting to glide.
 B still prefers biking and chasing balls.
 The Tucson temple is supposed to open this summer.  This trip was our first chance to get a look at it.  We ran into our friends, the Hoefferles who saw us stopped by the temple as they were on their way home from a family gathering in Mesa.
 Todd's family has been waiting for a temple to be built closer to them since they moved to Tucson thirty years ago.  They have always had to travel over two hours to get to the temple.  After all of those years of waiting, this temple feels like it is ours, even though we live so far away.
 Just up the road from the temple is Uncle Fred's apartment.  We stopped by for a visit.  He had the kids shrieking with laughter within minutes of arriving.  He would say, "Don't go in the closet! No one is allowed in the closet!" They would all dash into the closet, he would open the door, and they would all scream with laughter and leap onto the bed as he said, "Just don't get on the bed!"  Uncle Fred never seems to get tired of making the kids laugh.
 Uncle Fred's neighborhood has a skate park built in a drainage canal.  These kids aren't ready to do skating tricks yet, but they liked showing off their skills (after one day on skates) to Uncle Fred.
 We topped off our day after Christmas with a trip to Jimmy John's for dinner.
 I'm so happy that Uncle Fred is living in Tucson.  This means we will get to see him more often than we ever have before.
Merry Christmas!

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