Sunday, January 15, 2017


Thanksgiving this year was on November 24.  Our festivities began on the 21st when B went to the doctor for his annual checkup, shots, and frozen yogurt to celebrate his bravery.  B was very worked up for his shots, but in a positive way.  He babbled all of the way to the doctor's office about what kind of band aid he would get.  Four year olds always get shots at their well child checkup, so I knew to prepare him.  As soon as he got his shots, he yelled, "I was BRAVE!"  And he was.
 Have I mentioned before how infatuated B is with reindeer?
 We ended up with a crowd of 19 for Thanksgiving dinner, so food prep had to start a day before Thanksgiving.  Sammy helped me make lots of pies.  Pumpkin pies with crust and without (for our gluten free friend), pecan pie, and apple pie (for our dairy free friend).  Sammy loves to stir.
 My kitchen counter, covered in pies, was very festive.
 On Thanksgiving morning I woke up very early to start a turkey in the oven.  Our ovens are too small to fit a bird bigger than about 18 lbs., so we had to do two turkeys in shifts.  Then I drove over to my friend Jenny's house to carpool with her to the Mukilteo Turkey Trot 10K race.
 It was pouring rain and 34 degrees outside, so we were freezing.
 Because I was gone at the race all morning, we ate a little late. The Carvers and Housdens came over, so we had kid chaos.  Actually, there were enough kids to entertain each other, so we had a lot of time to hang out with our grown up friends.  Annie brought some materials to make explosions in some volcanoes the kids had built out of clay earlier in the week. This was a very messy hit.  

 We used our down time after Thanksgiving to set up our Christmas tree.  In Benjamin's mind, the Christmas season never really ended last year (we have been singing Christmas carols every single day since last Christmas), so it wasn't possible to be too early setting up the tree.
 Todd is happy to have Seth around because Seth is usually willing to play games with him.  
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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