Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy birthday, Todd!

Coming right after Halloween, as it does every year (weird), is Todd's birthday!  This year was the big 33.  These double digit birthdays only come around once every eleven years, so we tried to make it special, even though Todd doesn't ever have any expectations.  That is probably my fault from all of the years when his birthday snuck up on me, and I forgot to plan anything (every single year).  The kids were excited to celebrate with some gifts they picked out: a very loud red tie, and a t-shirt that says "The cops just pulled me over for carrying these guns!" With arrows pointing to muscles on a stick figure.  They were hoping it would make him laugh, and it did.  Every time he wears it, Jared and Eloise glow with pride that he is showing off the shirt that they picked out.  
 Eloise and I also framed one of her watercolor paintings to hang in his office.  Eloise loves to create.
 The day after Todd's birthday I had planned for us to go kayaking together.  Of course, after a gorgeous sunny week, autumn weather returned with a vengeance for our outing day.  We ended up going out for lunch and a movie instead.  We are not such die hard occasional athletes that we feel the need to suffer in a tiny boat on a miserably rainy day.
Our babysitter, Amy, brought Nemo fruit snacks for Sammy, since she knows he loves Nemo (which is actually his name for all fish).  She also brought a reindeer antler craft WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING about B's infatuation with reindeer.  I think that these antlers may have to be surgically removed from his head in a few years.  That is the only way they are ever coming off.
It was a low-key birthday, as Todd likes them.  I made Todd's favorite pumpkin chocolate chip muffins instead of cake.  Due to a happy coincidence of timing, Cambell's mom, Darcy, was also in town for Todd's birthday, and sent over some of her famous chocolate chip cookies, which have been his favorite since he was a kid.  Our friends, the Allens, came over for pizza and a movie, and we managed to get all of the kids distracted for long enough to play a board game.
Happy birthday, Todd!

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