Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Birthday, B!

We had an ambitious day planned for B's fourth birthday.  We started with presents in the morning.  He got the race car and the police car that he had requested.  
 He also got this explorer vest and binoculars, which were perfect for our birthday outing to the zoo!
 We went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo to see their big reindeer exhibit.  B is in love with Christmas, but he thought that reindeer were either mythical or extinct.  In his mind they were in the same category as both unicorns and dinosaurs.  B played it cool at the reindeer exhibit.  When I asked him what he thought about these reindeer, he shrugged, and said, "I've seen them before."  What?! I'm on to you, kid.  He talked for days about the reindeer who had to have their antlers cut off because they were fighting each other, so I think he was impressed.
 Grandpa Michael was able to come to the zoo with us.  The animals are very friendly, since zoo visitors are allowed to feed them.  This alpaca was REALLY hoping that we had something to feed it.
 This macaw was silent for a long time, but eventually we got it to demand a cracker.  Then it didn't want to stop talking.
 Cougar Mountain Zoo is just the right size for the attention of small children.  Just as we came to the end of the zoo, rain started falling, and Sammy started to melt down for lunch and a nap.  We stopped for a quick photo on the birthday throne, and then headed off to pick up B's birthday cake.
After a short break at home, we drove over to the Inglemoor Presbyterian Church for their train day.  They had all kinds of model trains and train and track building sets.  Jared, B, and Sammy happily drove trains around on this enormous train table for an hour while I chatted with other parents.  
 Grandpa Michael was in model train paradise.  B was convinced that this train event was especially planned for his birthday.
B loves his friends.  I invited a few friends to come over for cake and a Christmas craft at the very last minute, and we had a pretty good party turn out.  
My friend Bri made B's cake.  It was a miracle of culinary engineering, and B was delighted.  Everyone wanted to eat a piece of chocolate antlers.  B announced that they were "real antlers, only made out of chocolate."  I'm sure all of the reindeer would love to have real antlers made out of chocolate.

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