Monday, December 5, 2016

Everything Else in October

Jared opened his very own bank account.  Our banker was kind of in love with Sammy.  
 Sammy figured out how to open the refrigerator AND the milk. . . yeah.  That was not cool.
 At this time of year, up here in the north-lands, we have to carry flashlights and wear reflective gear when we leave the house after 3.  We walked over to meet Daddy on his way home from work one day.
 I ran a 10K in St. Edward State Park.  It was a monster.  It was my first 10K ever.  It was all on trails, and it had one major hill that had to be climbed twice on the course.  There was a half marathon on the same course (two laps instead of one), but a lot of people cashed in after one time around the course.  I walked from home to the starting line, and Todd brought the kids over later to watch me cross the finish line.  This is a picture of me taken by the official race photographer as I entered the last mile (half of it went straight up).  It was a hard, muddy course, but beautiful.
 This is The Puddle in our neighborhood.  So far this wet season, Sammy has only fallen in the deep part twice, and Jared has swamped his boots once.  Multiple gloves have been dropped in the water, though.  A lot of walks end here, since we end up too wet to go on.
 I made the mistake of letting B pick any cookie he wanted me to make out of a cookie cookbook.  Of course he would pick one that required rolling, fondant, decorating skills, and patience that I don't really have.  It took me three days to make cookies, roll cookies, and make and shape fondant.

 On October 14 we had a typical autumn windstorm that knocked out power for a few hours.  Consequently I had to learn to make our Friday night pizza on the stove top, using our camping stove.  This process was sped up a lot when the power came back on while I was making the second pizza, but now I have a skill that I didn't have before.
 B is a flying bat-dog.  Just a typical morning.
 The market decorated for autumn.

 Our neighbor, Betty, let the kids pick the last of her golden raspberries.
 I painted some Halloween spoons at a relief society activity.  B saw them, loved them, and demanded that I make him some turkeys and a Santa, so I made a set for each of the upcoming holidays.
 This is the face that I can't say no to.

 We made an epic pillow fort.  We also swapped our upstairs and downstairs couches so that there is more room to run around and be crazy downstairs.
 We tried fitting everyone on the rooster at the fruit market at the same time, but they didn't quite fit.
 Sammy likes to help me put the other kids in bed.  Sometimes things get silly.
 B had one very bad night's sleep, and spent most of the next day lying on the couch.
 Sammy mimicking Eloise.
 Sammy and B perched on the counter watching the mixer.  Next to Sammy is a plate of lamington I made when we were learning about Australia and New Zealand.
On October 28, we surprised the kids by taking them to Google Halloween. 
 After last year's Halloween burnout, we told them that there would only be one Halloween celebration this year.  They had to choose between our church trunk or treat, Google Halloween, and trick or treating in the neighborhood.  They chose the latter, so taking them trick or treating at Daddy's office was a surprise.  Here are some of their costumes.  B was a skeleton.
 Eloise was Smurfette.  She loves the smurfs.

Sammy was an astronaut, and Jared was a ghost.  
 This is our jack'o'lantern.  Each of the kids designed a feature, drew it on in pencil, and I helped them cut.
 Here they are with their creation.
 Our three big trees dropped a lot of leaves in October, so we spent a lot of time raking/jumping.
 On Halloween, the Carvers came trick or treating with us.  I was planning to stay home with Sammy, but he saw the other kids getting their costumes on and ran to get his shoes and jacket, so we all went.  It was raining.  We made it about halfway around the block, and then everyone was done.
 One chaotic hour of candy collection was much better than last year's days long costume-and-candy-fest. Happy Halloween!

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