Sunday, December 4, 2016

Eighteen Months!

October 2 was Sammy's one and a half year day.  This is a big deal because it means that Sammy is now old enough to go to the nursery class at church without me, and I get to hear church meetings again!  The last six months at church have been very exciting chasing Sammy around, but not terribly edifying.  Sammy had to get some shots, so we went to get frozen yogurt afterward.  B saw Sammy's ninja turtle band aid and started making plans for when he could get shots in November.  Sammy is now 27.5 lbs.  He is a fast runner, likes to talk ALL OF THE TIME, and believes that he can do anything that Jared can do.  This is a little scary sometimes, but Sammy takes his knocks very well, so his insistence on testing his own capabilities is not a big problem.  Sammy's favorite toy is whatever B has.  He also thinks he is a wonderful piano player, and follows Eloise to the piano a lot.  Eloise, for her part, often spends over an hour a day at the piano, and has started sight reading songs from Jared's piano book for fun.  She is turning into a real little musician. 
We arrived for frozen yogurt three minutes before the shop opened.  We must be the only crazy people in the world who want our froyo before noon.   
 I tried very hard to get a selfie with Sammy.  Apparently the frozen yogurt was more interesting than the camera.
 Eloise and B posed for a picture.  Jared sat at a different table.
 Sammy has a lot of growing to do to catch up with Jared, so he eats a lot.  He is still hungry for dinner every day around an hour before everyone else is.  Sometimes he can be distracted by games with his siblings, but sometimes he fills up on leftovers from a previous meal before dinner, or eats components of dinner while I cook.
This is his spot while I make dinner.  I don't think this kid could get much cuter.  
It has been a great 18 months with Sammy in our family.

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