Sunday, September 4, 2016

The rest of July, and the parks we saw

Some friends invited us to join them at O.O. Denny Park to celebrate Isla's fourth birthday.  Our new friends, the Allens, came, and we picked up Nico and Alex (also new friends), since their mom was minutes away from having a baby, that didn't arrive for two more weeks.  She had an appointment, so I was watching the boys.  The Oiens and Schutzs were there, too.  
 At one point, I took Benjamin to the bathroom, and, in the short time that we were gone, Sammy managed to get into the cookies that Isla had brought to share for her birthday, and dumped them all out in the grass.  That way he could help himself to as many as he wanted.  Oops.  The kids didn't mind eating them anyway.
 Nico and Sammy have a special bond.  Sammy calls him "Nino," not to be confused with Sammy's word for fish: "Nemo."
 Because we already had O.O. Denny Park on our list, we went to a new park after lunch.  This time it was St. Edward State Park.  Sammy loves discovering new parks.
 It was a hot day.  The St. Ed's playground is nice and shady.
 Our adventure for the following day was a trip to Willis D. Tucker Community Park in Snohomish.  We picked this park because it has a splash pad, and the day was supposed to be hot.
The sun did not deliver as promised.  We spent a lot of time in the sand and on the playground.  There were tons of kids there.  Many of them were with day camps.
 This splash pad has more rules than any other splash pad I have seen.  Overall, this was not our favorite park.
 Clearly we still played hard.
 The next day, the sun actually came out.  The temperatures were in the high 80s, so we went to an ocean beach at Saltwater Park in Shoreline.  It was much less busy than I expected it to be on a hot summer afternoon.  From the parking lot, we had to cross a bridge over a moving train.  This was a hit.
 The water was frigid, but the day was warm enough to make it refreshing for a dip.  I even got a chance to swim around a little bit.
 We couldn't stay too long, because we had family pictures scheduled for this evening (post to follow), but this beach was a winner.  We could have stayed all day.
 After family pictures, we put the kids in bed and I went for a run.  Here is my midpoint selfie.  I got to the lake in time for a sunset.  Then the darkness chased me home.  It is pretty creepy running on trails in the pitch black night, but I didn't want to run on the road without my reflective gear.
 July means peaches to folks in these parts.  We drove back to Snohomish again to pick up peaches for our family and a lot of our friends.  I think we managed to fit 25 boxes into the car this year.  We canned/ate 6 boxes worth.
 We hadn't been spending very much time with the Christensens, so they invited us to have a picnic in Watershed Park, near their house.  We found a lovely muddy creek for the warriors to paint their faces.  I love Price putting mud on his cheeks in the corner of this picture.
 B loves to get muddy on purpose.  The kids demolished a mud bar in the middle of this creek.

 This proves that I was there.  Poor Sammy wasn't strapped into the stroller, and tumbled out of it on a steep slope downhill.  He was a good sport, though, and didn't even cry.
 The kids have been taking turns having a date with a parent.  Most of the kids have picked doughnut dates with Daddy, but Jared asked me to take him to the swimming pool.  We went to the Lynnwood Pool, where we went down the water slide a hundred times.  Jared is the only little Knight who is tall enough for the water slide, so he doesn't get to do it very much when he comes to the pool with the family.  We had a great time.  I think it took me about a week to get all of the water out of my ears.
We have been packing in adventure this summer.  When we got to the end of July, we had gone to 26 of the parks for our 60 park goal.

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