Sunday, September 4, 2016

Real life again

Back from Ragnar, and right back to real life.  Our first order of business: blueberry picking.
 We went to a farm in North Bend that we went to last year.
 The picking is good, and the views are amazing.  I kept Sammy on the leash, but there was no stopping him from eating his own weight in berries.  He calls them "bebbies."  This kid is a bebbie-holic.
 We picked until lunch time.
 Then we had a picnic at the Three Forks Natural Area.  A muddy river bank? Why, yes.  We would like to sit down on it and pile gobs of mud on our laps.
 After naps, the kids still had some climbing energy left for the dirt mound outside the piano teacher's house.  They are getting a new garage.
 Sammy thinks that sitting at the table is the best thing ever.  He feels very grown up.  The other children fight over who gets to sit closest to Sammy, too.  I'm sure that makes him feel special.
 Eloise's standard hairdo is the two ponytails in a line. They stay in better than a single ponytail, and I can get the elastics placed quickly enough to avoid a lot of complaining.  One day, she was feeling adventurous, so she had me add in a green stripe that was leftover from my Wicked Ragnar team.
 Diaper changes are better when the clowns come to entertain the baby by wearing diapers on their heads.
 One magical day, Eloise sat still long enough for me to learn how to french braid her hair.  She wanted a picture to see how it turned out.  I need more practice.
 On a gorgeous July Friday, Todd played hooky from work for an afternoon to join us at Lake Sammamish State Park.  We had the swimming area mostly to ourselves.
 Sammy prefers the water's edge, where he can cool his toes and play in the mud.
 We even found a few minutes for the playground.

 Of course B had an epic meltdown on the way to the car.  B loves life so much right now that there is only one thing that makes him go into sudden, deep mourning; the end of the day.  Every weekday, B bursts into tears the minute Daddy walks in the door, because that is the signal for the beginning of the end of the day (and quite the greeting for Todd each evening, as you might imagine).  He tries reminding me of the "five more things" we forgot to do, in an effort to lengthen the day.  "It's not the end of the day!!" is B's most repeated phrase after 5:30 p.m. every day, and in the car on the way home from our daily outings.

Todd had a recurring nightmare that he had never actually graduated from college.  In his dream, this was grounds for dismissal from his job.  After seven years of exemplary work, I think this is hardly likely, but that didn't stop Todd from devoting two hours one Saturday to digging through boxes and files searching for his diploma.  It is now safely framed and hanging on the wall in his home office, and a photo of it is in his digital storage.
This is probably an argument in favor of all of the pomp and circumstance of traditional graduation ceremonies, which we shunned at the end of college. We might have had an event that confirmed the reality of our accomplishment.  Oh, well.  At least we have the diploma.  

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