Monday, September 5, 2016

Family Pictures

When I take family pictures, I never expect to get everyone looking.  This is sort of what I expect all of the pictures to turn out like: 
 But Taylor at Eden & Me Photography is a miracle worker.  Our family pictures are so, so gorgeous.
When I was setting a date for family pictures, I asked Todd if he had any preferences, and he said, "Wait three years?"  Even he was happy with how everything turned out, though.
 It helps that we have really cute kids.
Eloise, age 5:

 Yep.  Ten years married, and we still can't look at each other without laughing.  Actually, I think this has gotten worse as we share more inside jokes.
 Jared, on the eve of his 7th birthday:

 Sammy, 15 months:
 Look at those eyes!

 Benjamin, age 3.5:

 We are all so serious here.  I wonder how that happened.

 A shot of the kids.  Sammy actually loves being manhandled by Jared.

 The boys:
 The girls:
 One last picture of our family.
 Jared asked for another picture by himself.
 This turned into a hug attack by B.
 Which led to a wrestling match, and my favorite picture from the whole bunch:
You can compare these to our pictures two years ago here. I can't believe how quickly everyone is growing up before my eyes.

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