Sunday, September 4, 2016

August Week 2

The second week of August started with a rainy morning, so we made a peach pie for our Family Home Evening treat, 
 built with legos, and listened to read along books from the library.
 When the rain stopped, we went on a long walk to Moorlands Park in Kenmore.  Sammy went ahead and sat down in this puddle, and rode the two miles home in the stroller with no pants.
 This park, which doubles as a school yard, is pretty basic, but everyone wanted me to record their tricks on this jungle gym.  When it comes to play equipment, fancy isn't always better.
 King of the rock!
 The next morning I got a text message from Lauren, Nico and Alex's mom, asking if I could watch the boys while she delivered her baby, so that her mom could come to the birth.  We love a play date.  They went straight for the legos.  We had fun making a giant birthday card for new baby Peter.  He was born big, gorgeous, and with a head of hair that needed to be combed right away.  Sammy was delighted to have "Nino" over.  Their dad came to get them right after lunch to go meet their new brother.
Later that day I stubbed my little toe on a piece of furniture that was right where it always is.  I'm pretty sure that the toe was broken.  
 We found another little hidden gem of a park in Kirkland.  It is a tiny little beach park called Kiwanis Park.  It had an uncrowded gravel beach with stunning views, and a couple of these fallen trees making a natural water play structure.  Shadow loved slipping down the branches.

 The next day was another scorcher, so we went to Idylwood Park in Redmond.  I specifically checked the park website before we went to see what the rules were for dogs, and it didn't list any, except for a leash requirement. I hadn't been walking Shadow very much because of my banged up toe, so I brought her along.  We had a picnic, and then headed down to the beach.
 On the beach a lifeguard informed me that the park has a rule banning dogs from the water.  They are supposed to be 100 feet away from the water.  This was awkward, since Shadow barks and cries when she can see the kids having fun without her, and I couldn't stay with Shadow when Sammy was in the water.  I tied Shadow to a tree away from the beach, and, with a little bit of back and forth, managed to keep her from barking too much.  She still barked a lot.  I was annoyed because I could easily have left Shadow home, and I would have if I had known the rule.  
We still managed to have fun.  It's hard to ruin an August beach day in the Pacific Northwest.

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