Sunday, September 4, 2016

August week 1

We love August in Washington!  Jared and I started August with an early morning run in St. Ed's.  We ran down to the water, and Jared didn't complain at all on the way back up.  
 This is what our garden looked like on August 1.  We appear to have actually grown some vegetables this year.  We have peas, carrots, tomatoes, cilantro, some weak spinach stalks, and two baby blueberry bushes.
 We still had peaches to process, so we made some peach jam.
 Then, for family home evening, we had what B calls "camping" in our back yard.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and kept Sammy out of the fire.  This reminded us why we don't have fires in our back yard very much.  Next year it will probably be easier.
 Sammy loves ketchup.
 And marshmallows.  And slides.  And balls.
 And that was just the first day of August.

We went to a hidden little corner park in Kirkland called Reservoir Park.  There was no sign there.  That is what it was called on Google maps.  This park had two plum trees that were almost ripe.
 We ventured over to Seattle to Commodore Park,
 To the Hiram M. Chittendon Locks, fish ladder, and botanical gardens.  The fish ladder was full of salmon.
 The locks were full of working boats and holiday makers.
 Not realizing that it was Seafair week, we arranged to meet the Christensens at the Seattle Center after we finished at the locks.  Traffic into Seattle was abominable, so the Knight kids were tired before the Christensens arrived.  We stayed to play for a little while after they got there, but Sammy really didn't enjoy the fountain, since he was so tired.  We did enjoy the blue angel flyovers.
  The pavement was hot, but we couldn't leave our water shoes on because they made the steep sides of the fountain too slippery.  B ended up with two big burns on one of his feet.  His toe and his heel blistered badly.
 The Christensens had their girl cousins visiting.
 I think we look as tired as we felt in this picture.  The fountain is really fun.  It sends out surprise soakers, and shoots blasts of water into the sky.  We have been wanting to come here for a long time.
 Friday is the day when we all run together.  We put our bikes in the car and drove to Carnation to do our run on the trails in Tolt MacDonald Park.  It wasn't a terribly hot day, but riding/running around on the blacktop with no shade got us pretty hot.  We were ready to put the bikes back in the car and go for a dip in the river.
 The water was warm in the muddy shallows.
 We dug in the mud, splashed, and ate snacks until it was time to go home for pizza night.
 On Saturday we brought Todd along with us to North Rose Hill Park.  The kids have been begging to go back to this park ever since, but I'm convinced that their favorite thing about the park was Daddy being there.

 On Sunday afternoon we went for a hike in the woods.  Eloise was sporting this cool hairdo.
 B and Jared had their helmets on for biking on the trails, so Sammy had to have his, too, even though he was in the carrier on my back most of the time.
 Here Todd is teaching Jared how to put his chain back on after it fell off.  They are getting pretty good at this.  This green bike is really an excellent quality bike for the $7 I paid for it.  It just has a few quirks.
And that was the first week of August.  I bet you all want to come visit and go adventuring with us, too.

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