Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Cruisin'

Our summer is cruising by.  See what I did there? Here is a picture of Sammy cruising.  I'm fairly certain that he could not be cuter.  
 One day we cleaned out the car in anticipation of our road trip to Idaho.  We had some extra kids hanging around.  We always seem to have some extra kids hanging around in the summer.  Sammy loves his big kid friends.  This is Chloee.
 We are making progress in our goal to visit 60 different parks this summer.  Repeats don't count, but we have had a lot of repeat park visits, too.  The following pictures are from a trip to Olallie State Park, on the Twin Falls trail.

 We only hiked about half way, I think.  We stopped at this scenic overlook where we could see the falls.  A drive, a picnic, and a hike are a lot for one day, and the crew was getting tired.
 This was a lovely hike, though.  We definitely want to come back with Daddy to help wrangle tired preschoolers.  Look how this tree grew over a dead tree.  It looks unreal.
 Because it was all of 65 degrees outside, everyone wanted to put their hot feet in the river on the way back to the car.  They wanted to put their hot feet in the river on the way to the falls, too, but I promised them a stop on the way back.  Jared was perched on the edge of this precarious, steep, slippery boulder over the water.  I warned him not to go sliding into the river, which looked deep and swift (and very cold).  Sixty seconds later, B crawled out to perch next to Jared and immediately slipped straight into the river!  I don't know what that exclamation point is for.  I was not one bit surprised.
 Many of B's misfortunes come about because a three year old cannot do precisely all of the things that a six and a half year old can do.  I'm glad that the river wasn't any faster or deeper.  B got wet up to his armpits, but we were able to fish him out.
 I was actually very surprised that only one child fell into the river.  Sammy is a big risk taker.
 We peeled B out of his wet clothes, dressed him in some extra jackets, and went home.
 That very same afternoon we added Juanita Beach Park to our list when we went to the Friday farmers' market.  It was kids' day at the market, so there were lots of crafts for kids, and a free balloon.  I think one out of four balloons made it home intact.
 The fourth of July was a great day.  We had a ward pancake breakfast at O.O. Denny Park, and then we came home to do poppers on the driveway.
 Everyone was content to go to bed early so that we could get an early start the next morning for our trip to IDAHO!!!

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