Sunday, August 14, 2016

Parks Progress Report

July 11 was freezing cold in the morning, but we are serious about our free slurpee on 7-11 day, so we bundled up and braved the cold.  For some reason there was no line. . . 
 We took our slurpees for a stroll on the Sammamish River Trail in Bothell.  Sammy loved the ducks.  He also loved his slurpee.  He wouldn't let me wrestle it away from him until he was convinced that there was not a drop left in the cup.
 Then we went to play at Bothell Landing Park.  It was fun, but a little bit crowded.
 On another day, we had a picnic at Rose Hill Meadows park.
 The last time I was here, Jared was just barely two, and the play structure was way too high for him.  Now all three of the older kids can navigate it with ease.  Sammy preferred to hang out on the ground with his "bobble," anyway.
B got jealous that Eloise has to have her hair brushed every day.  Eloise can't figure out why anyone would want to have their hair brushed every day.  He was delighted when I solved his problem with spikes.  "I'm a porcupine!"
 This is the North Kirkland Community Center train park.  I'm pretty sure that this is the official name.
 This is my favorite place B has fallen asleep.  He loves his loud music so much that he cranks the volume and literally hugs the speakers sometimes.  I am always turning down his tunes.  Did someone say threenager?  Yes.  Right down to the hair vanity and spontaneous napping.
 In preparation for our car being a team van for Ragnar Northwest Passage, I put the kids to work cleaning it, inside and out. I couldn't do anything about the dog/old milk smell that seems to have taken over the car from too many outings with babies and dogs.  
 Sammy LOVES towels.  He gets mad when I take his towel off after his bath.
The minute the van was clean was the minute I started having second thoughts about running Ragnar.  What kind of crazy person spends two days in a car, running a total of 20 miles at all hours with a bunch of strangers?  That would be this girl.

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