Monday, June 20, 2016

What we do

It is pretty typical these days to see Sammy with a bottle hanging out of one side of his mouth.  He is very reluctant to give up bottles for cups, or, as he says, "Hup!"
 We have had a couple of warm days.  Any day over 80 degrees is automatically a popsicle day.
 Every day is a good bottle day, though.  Most of the pictures I get of Sammy are of him running away.  I have to give him a bottle to get him to face me for a picture.
 When the weather is moderately nice, we do as much as possible outside.  Shadow has recently discovered frisbees, and she does not get tired of them like she gets tired of balls.  She does wimp out pretty quickly after I have taken her on a long run, but she still prefers to be in the thick of things with the kids.
 Sammy starts asking to go outside from the minute he wakes up in the morning.  He hangs onto my legs with his shoes in his hand, whining until I put his shoes on and put him in the back yard just to get some peace and quiet.  I am not exaggerating that he does this from the minute he wakes up in the morning.  I hear him in his bedroom calling, "Shadow! 'Side! Throw a ball! Shadow!"  Sammy has entered the delightful phase of toddlerhood wherein he must have an object in each hand at all times.
 Our poor lawn takes quite a beating from all of the play we do on it.  That is what it's there for.
 After the Seattle Folklife Festival, I picked up my friend Jolene, and she gave me a makeover.  Eloise and B wanted in on the action, too, so Jolene painted Eloise's nails, B's big toenails, and she used an eyeliner pencil to draw cat noses and whiskers on them.
 We dyed my hair black and transformed me into my darker self.
 All of the kids had to have "skeleton shirts" too.  We all went goth together.
 Every once in a while it is fun to defy expectations.  The black lipstick and purple eye shadow were a bit much for me, but Todd's reaction was priceless.
We didn't tell him what we were doing, of course.  He never, ever thought that I would actually reveal my inner brooding to the world.  I was very zombie chic.
This was a lot of fun.  Who says that dressing up has to be just for Halloween?  Thanks, Jolene!  Sometimes I need a friend to help me get up the nerve to do something crazy.

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