Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This is the life.

I could write a whole post about the hilarious B sayings I have heard in the past 24 hours.  For example, while riding in the car today listening to Christmas music (SOMEBODY can't let go of Christmas, and now that we're halfway there again, why stop now?), B heard the line in the second verse of "Away in a Manger" that says, "'Til morning is nigh."  
B: "Why does it say ''Til morning is night?' Morning can't be night."
Me: "It doesn't say night.  It say nigh.  It means coming soon.  When morning it nigh it is almost morning."
B: "No, it says night.  Listen to it again."
Eloise: "I'm sure it says nigh, like almost morning."
B: "Did you say night? It says night. Morning isn't night, though."
Another repetition of the song did nothing to convince him that it wasn't about morning being night.  
Or else he just likes being right.  This is him feigning sadness when I asked if I could take a picture of his swollen lip.  
 My Friday mother's helper, Bailey, cleaned out the refrigerator.  You know what that means.  Sliding down the slanted fridge floor, of course.  B is rocking the Tinkerbell dress.
 Sammy has discovered books, but he believes that there is only one book, and it is this one.  Whenever anyone is reading anything, Sammy brings his book, which he calls "boat," and puts it on top of the other book to insist on reading it.  This is me tandem reading Sammy's book and a picture book for the other kids.  Fortunately, Sammy isn't too picky about who reads to him, and his book doesn't actually require reading skills, so any of the other kids can help him read his book.
 Sammy does not like anyone else turning the pages of his book.  It doesn't matter if he skips pages.  It is HIS book.
 Eloise loves mothering Sammy.  She gets offended when he wants his real mom to push him in the swing.  Or feed him, or carry him, or dress him, or keep him out of the street.  It is nice to have some extra hands and eyes sometimes.  It is fun to see how Eloise cares for her brothers.
 Sammy is learning to climb.  Today B announced that as a big brother, it is his job to teach Sammy to jump off stuff.  I predict some injuries in their future.  As a side note, isn't Sammy adorable in these jammies?
 This picture seems to show Sammy looking at a book other than HIS book, but I'm sure he just opened the cover to see if there was a chicken on the first page.
 When there was no chicken, he went in search of his one true book.
 Speaking of chickens, Sammy insisted on riding the rooster at the Yakima Fruit Market, our favorite grocery store.  This is a milestone.  The older kids all ride the rooster every week when the market is open, and this was Sammy's first time.  Many of the store employees remember riding the rooster when they were kids, too.
 This morning Benjamin wanted to be Batman in this suit that was designed for someone around nine or ten years old.  He also put on his bat wings from last year's Halloween costume.  I said, "B, it's going to be hard for you to walk in this costume."
He replied, "But it will be easy to fly!"
 Jared loves to eat outside because the table rules (no reading at the table, don't carry your food around, stay seated while eating, don't stand on the table, etc.) are thrown out the window.  He can get comfortable with a book and a bowl of enchiladas.
This is the life.

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