Wednesday, June 22, 2016

B's Rough Morning

This morning we went to the park to meet some friends.  Eloise and Sammy rode in the stroller, I pushed the stroller and walked the dog, and B and Jared rode their bikes.  There is a steep slope from the main road down into the park, but, when we have come here before, B has gotten off of his bike and walked it down the steep part.  Today he rode all the way down, but he lost control at the bottom of the hill and wiped out in front of a car, which saw him coming in plenty of time to stop.  There was a LOT of blood on his face.  It was coming from inside and outside of his top lip.  
This is him after I cleaned off a lot of the blood, and one of the other moms found a band aid in her car.  B likes to wear Eloise's helmet because it has smiley faces on it.  
 We played for a couple of hours, and the gash on his lip was still bleeding a little when we got home.  I called the advice nurse, who said that we should put pressure on it for ten minutes.  That is a long time for a three year old to sit still.  I set a timer and got a big pile of books.
 To keep him from licking the gash, I put new skin (liquid bandage) on it, with a band aid to keep him from licking the new skin off.  This is a look I sported more than once as a child.  My parents joked that I had a rubber eraser nose, since I seemed to bounce off of my nose and always injure my lip instead.
 We were going to draw a mustache on the band aid, but I kept showing B pictures of mustaches, only to have them all rejected as not looking enough like Grandpa Knight's.  He ended up with a plain band aid, since I don't have a sharpie the right color of grey.  "It needs to be whiter," he insisted.  
All of the trauma wore B out, and he fell asleep in the car on the way to the splash pad this afternoon.  Eloise initially objected to going to the splash pad, since she wiped out there earlier this week and got a three inch bruise on her hip, but the fun must go on!  Four park trips in three days: it must be summer.

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