Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our garden

Our garden last year was a sad little thing that I got into the ground before I had Sammy, but then the bunnies devoured the whole thing as soon as it popped out of the ground, and I was too busy with a tiny baby to do anything about it.  This year my goal was to get the thing fenced before we planted it.  
 We got it to this point, and then Todd told me that the posts had to go in deeper, so we started over with post hole digging.  Then we got it most of the way fenced before we ran out of fencing.  Then we went to Georgia, and Grandma and Grandpa came, so we have been pretty late getting the garden in this year, but we finally did it this week.
 Eloise and Jared are actually old enough to mow the lawn with this push mower.
 Jared also really pulls weeds as a chore sometimes, although this picture is totally staged.
 Woohoo! Putting them to work!
 Here we are raking and hoeing to prepare to plant.  I kept Sammy on the outside of the fence.  He didn't seem to mind.  He had easier access to the stairs to go up and eat the dog food that way.  Sammy loves dog food.  Every time I catch him eating it (nearly every day) he says, "Mmmum!" (yum).  He also loves to dump out the dog's water and say that he is "Yet!" (wet).

 We planted two blueberry plants, some peas, carrots, spinach, and herbs.  Then I discovered a seed package of lettuce that I didn't have any room for in the garden.  Oops.  Maybe we can put the lettuce in a planter somewhere else.
Sammy, who recently discovered the shower, was delighted when I turned on the sprinkler after we were done putting the seeds in the ground.  He went right up to the fence where he could get sprayed and yelled, "Baff!" (bath).  Then, while I was checking on the other boys, he crawled around to the muddy side and drenched himself in a mud puddle.  I had to put him in the shower before I took off his clothes, and then I had to wash the bathroom rug.
Now we wait and see what grows this year.  I hope we haven't put off planting too late.

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