Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our First Mariners Game

If going on a cross country plane trip wasn't enough, I decided three days after we got home to take the kids to a Mariners baseball game.  By myself.  I was a little bit crazy.  We didn't have parking figured out in advance, and I refuse to pay $40 for a parking space when I could walk a few more blocks, so we parked in the international district and hiked to Safeco Field.  We had to stop at the Salvation Army store to use the bathroom (drive+parking+tiny bladders), but we made it to the game by the third inning.  
 I brought a picnic.  We ate in our seats before we went exploring.  Sammy was restless, but he loved all of the activity.
 They had a lot of stuff for kids to do.
 This whole area was set up with baseball activities for kids.

 B fell in love with the mascot, even when I told him that it was a moose, not a reindeer.  He was really sad when he finally worked up the nerve to run after the mascot to give him a hug, only to have the moose walk into an elevator just before he got there.  I guess we will have to go to another game to hug the moose.
 The kids each got a certificate for coming to their first game.  Jared loved that.  He was very careful with the certificates so that they wouldn't get lost or bent on the way home.
 Sammy loved the pitching area.  He might have been a tiny bit better than Jared, who must have gotten his athleticism from my side of the family.  Sorry, son.  I'm glad Jared likes to bike.
 The guy timing the kids running a base leg seemed really grouchy, but Eloise didn't seem to notice.  She loves to run.
 We made it back to our seats for the seventh inning stretch, and we stayed until the end of the ninth inning.  Wouldn't you know that the game would go into extra innings on a day when I had to pick up Grandma and Grandpa from the airport and couldn't stay?  The Mariners finally beat the Tampa Bay Rays in the 11th inning.
 Sammy like the excitement, but he was getting tired, and the steep bleachers were not a good place for him to run around and play, so he was grumpy with me for holding onto him.
We hiked back to the car (only one long bathroom stop and a couple of water breaks) and picked up Grandma and Grandpa from the airport for another week of excitement.

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