Sunday, May 29, 2016

One day at the temple. . .

Life has been really hectic since Sammy was born.  For the past year, I have been planning on asking one of the girls in my ward to come be a mother's helper, but it has always seemed like it would add work for me instead of being very helpful.  A few weeks ago, though, Audrey brought me her flyer to hire herself out as a mother's helper, and I hired her on the spot.  Now Wednesday afternoons are Audrey time.  B loooooooves Audrey.  She is nine, but she sees herself as a lot older than these kids.  She organizes them to help with chores, and then she plays with them while I get other work done.  Audrey has been in a school play, so she is our drama expert.  Here is the cast photo after they put on a one scene play written by Jared entitled "Odysseus and the Sirens."  Once they were done squabbling over the parts, it was really great.  B did get a little tired of being a siren, but he was really great at it.  He even turned his lines into a song.  
 One morning we couldn't decide whether to go on a bike ride or a hike in the woods,
 so we did both.  It is super impossible to take pictures of these kids.  They are always worried about what everyone else is doing.
 Sammy's teeth!
 Jared informed me that the picture he has of himself at the temple is way out of date, so, after piano lessons that afternoon we went to the temple to get current pictures.  Everything started out pretty normally.
 Sammy smiled like crazy. . .
 with a little help from his silly sister.  These sibling interactions get me.  I think this picture is cuter than the one of Sammy alone, even though his cuteness factor is already off the charts.
 Jared wanted to do something reverent.

 Everyone else always does what Jared does.
 Trying to do a real smile on purpose is hard.
 It's really hard.
 B always does what Jared does.
 And then the photobombing begins.
 It took a while for that to stop being funny.
 I did finally manage to get B's big personality alone in a picture.
 Mom! All of this picture taking is wearing me out!
 Jared wanted a picture on this bench, but anxiety about Sammy falling off was killing Eloise.
 This is the best we did there.  The clouds were pretty amazing that day.
Now, if I can ever be organized enough to get photo prints, we can update the temple picture in everyone's room.

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